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    Restaurants providing good quality food in Trivandrum

    Hi friends,

    Please give your valuable suggestions regarding the hotels that provide good quality food in Trivandrum. Now a days lot of issues are taking place regarding food , it's quality, content etc. Kindly point out your opinion about adulteration of food.

    Thanks and Regards

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    When I visited Palayam, Trivandrum, I had my lunch at ZamZam hotel near Palayam Musjid. I like their food. I think it is one of the best restuarant in Palayam.


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    There is a hotel near the chale market rode named Mubarak hotel there,providing traditional kerala food as the customer wish .it was a good experience with my friend to a have a lunch with him. it was my 1st time i ate such type of traditional food .

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    Not only in Trivandrum, in almost all the districts of Kerala the same problem is faced. I would suggest, you to better cook and have the food rather than depending upon restaurants. When you go out for a long journey, pack up foods that are not easily perishable so that you can have in between. Prevention is better than cure, so beware of your health. Never go by the odor of any food.

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    To identify a hotel which can be recommended will be difficult. Generally Indian Coffee Houses keep a minimum standard throughout in their branches all over Kerala and outside. Other hotels also must be there, but I cannot remember the names, since I am not a frequenter there. Earlier when I was studying there I used to go to Trivandrum Hotel near YMCA, right side of Secretariat, which was keeping good standard.
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    Dear Dilna,
    I use to prepare food by my own . I posted this topic in the forum just because many people came here without knowing about quality of food provided by restaurants. And let them know which are all the restaurants which provide good food.

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