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    Enquiry regarding member level

    Dear Sir ,
    I have a doubt that Why didn't I get any cash credits yet.
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    you can get cash credits by writing articles. If you write good articls about new contents you can get cash credit as well as points. You can also get cash credits by good responds to forum threads or useful threads.


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    Dear Jeena

    In SPK both Cash Credits and points are two different things. You can earn points by posting a message or response in forum section. Following are some of the ways to get Cash credits in SPK.

    (a) By posting quality articles. Copied contents are not allowed here. The topic has to be related to Kerala. Please post the articles under the respective section of Kerala Articles.

    (b) By posting informative and useful forum messages. If the editor feels it as informative, he might award you with cash credits.

    (c)By participating in various contests announced time to time. Contest are announced in forums sections of SPK. Right now there are no contests happening. For your reference, the previous contest which happened in SPK are - GD(Group Discussion) and Movie review. The winner of the respective contest will be awarded with cash credits.

    (d) The most active member every month in forums section of SPK is also been awarded. Work hard and you too surely can achieve that award, which will bring in cash credits. (Forum Wizard Award)

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