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    Minimum Auto fare have became 15 rupees

    Govt had decided to raise the auto fare again from 14 rupees to 15 rupees helping auto-taxis.
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    hi friend,

    it is a bad news for all malayalees ,for local use most of the peoples depends the auto. This decision will not help the daily travellers . From the taxi owners view this raise of fair will be get profit more profit for long journeys. Actually this raise of fair will be unwanted at this time.


    sirash khan

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    Yeah, another move from the part of government which will affect the general public. The rich people have there own cars but is the middle and low level people who will suffer. Earlier auto charge from a junction near our house to my home was only Rs. 10/-. Actually it was just a 10 minutes walk from my house to the junction, but when it is too late or when we are in a hurry, we take an auto. But now the charge has increased to Rs. 15/-. 50% increase is not a simple thing for a 10 minute walk.

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    The government wants to help auto and taxi drivers. But why they are not concerned about the common people. Most of the people in my area depend on these rickshaws to move here and there. More over most of this drivers are looting this common people. They never rely on the meters. Everyone charges as per their demand. If the government is much concerned about these drivers, they should also favour the common people. They should at-least take necessary steps to standardize the price they are charging from the passengers.

    Ibrahim N

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    This hike in taxi charges will make more burden for the keralites. We know that most of the common people are depending autos after buses and the rates of both these categorys are increased by the government. This will negatively effect in the daily life of common people who are struggling for finding the daily needs. The hike in taxi prices will also leads to the price hike in other daily needed items. In my opinion the hike in auto charges are not necessary because the price of diesel is in a stable condition.

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