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    Does well dressing makes a man perfect?

    It is common that if we saw a person, who is well dressed and we say about him that he is a gentleman. Does well dressing make a person Gentleman? In my opinion we cant say a person gentleman or not from his dressing because dressing is only an external curtain and inside that curtain he have a heart which is capable for making him gentleman or a bad person. The kindness and truthness changes a common man to Gentleman and not his external characters. Just feel free to share your opinion.
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    Dress is only showing one side of the individuals character. Also it reflects the class to which he belongs. At the same time it will not say anything about his real character. Also whether he demands respect or not will not be based on his dress.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    According to me, I believe it is the attitude and behavior of a person that makes him perfect rather than his way of dressing. By seeing the dressing manner of a person, we can say whether he/she is modern, traditional and so on, but nothing beyond that. Another thing to be noted here is a well dressed man gets more confidence than one who is not dressed properly. So dressing makes us confident and feel free but it cannot makes us 100% perfect. may be it can change the outward look to a certain extent but what actually counts is the inner beauty of a person.

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    hi friend,
    we can identified a good personality from his or her dressing styles. A man is looking good in his appearance also have a good behaviour and we can identified a good men from the society by their appearance .But in some rare situations the mens are misusing their dressing styles for doing evils in our society. The youngsters choose new trends and they people are crazy about the dressing style,they choose the new trends and sometimes this will be a pure imitation of western styles. The dress code says the classes in our society, at this time the dressing will not says about his or her real behaviour.Now a day the dressing mannerisms is change a lot, peoples are ready to wear new trendy stuffs and it is very difficult to choose a perfect men from those category.

    sirash khan

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    i think a man become a gentleman only if his mentality is perfect.Dressing represent only the physical outlook.People will not consider a well dressed person as a gentleman.It is upto his behaviour i think

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    I think ,Social status of a man can lead to his development.Dressing is also important as well.This social status include family status,mentality,economic standard.All these are contained in the social status of a man.His family standards will improve with this.For gaining a social status , hard working nature can be the reason or it may be derived from ancestors.

    Bipin Varghese

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    Its write that a persons first impression is his way of dressing. but no one can judge a man completely by looking how he dresses. But for an interview it is a must as the interviewer first looks on his personality. It plays a great role for a job seeker. So we should not decide a mans behavior straight away.

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