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    Popular Cuisine in Kerala

    Some of the most popular Kerala dishes are as follows.

    Rasam is a mixture, prepared by boiling chilly and peppercorn powder in diluted tamarind juice. Another important Kerala food is 'Moru' or plain sour buttermilk, which comes salted, garnished with chopped green chilies and ginger.

    Appam, another popular Kerala food, is a soft pancake made from toddy fermented rice batter, with a soft spongy center and is laced with crispy edges. Appam is generally eaten with vegetable, chicken, or mutton stew, thoroughly mellowed with thick coconut milk and garnished with curry leaves.

    Puttu is prepared from rice flour and steamed in long hollow bamboo or metal cylinders. Puttu can be eaten with steamed bananas and sugar or with a spicy curry prepared from gram or peas.

    Dosa & Idli
    Various varieties of dosas and idlis form an integral part of Kerala's breakfast cuisine, and can be found and dined upon without even having to search for them. While Idlis are slightly sour cakes, dosas, on the other hand, are a-kind-of flaky pancakes, made from a mixture of fermented rice and black gram. Both these foods are traditionally served with sambhar and/or coconut chutney.

    Tapioca and Fish Curry
    It is a sumptuous and mouthwatering delicacy. It is a combination of 'Kappa' and 'Meen curry'. The delicious fish curry is prepared from garlic paste, onions, and red chilies and seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

    Since Kerala is a coastal state, seafood is and will remain a popular cuisine. Various such as sardines, tuna, rays, mackerel, and even shark make a part of Keralite seafood cuisine, with Karimeen, or fried fish, and fish curry, known as Fish Moilee, being the most popular of fish dishes. Other seafood items like crabs, mussels, and oysters are also enjoyed passionately in Kerala.

    Apart from meals, various snacks also form an integral part of the Keralite cuisine. Snacks like banana chips; Murukku, made prepared from batter of rice, pulses, and spices; Shakaruperi, banana chunks coated with jaggery and ginger; and various kinds of halwas, made up from flour and sugar, and flavored with fruits and nuts, can be munched on throughout the day.

    Desserts form an essential part of the traditional Kerala meals. Desserts are served midway through the meals. Payasam is a popular dessert dish of Kerala. It is a viscous dish of brown molasses, coconut milk, and spices, with a generous garnish of cashew nuts and raisins.
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    Rasam is not originally a Kerala dish, as far as I understand. Like the famous 'sambar' this also has come from Tamil nadu. Puttu kadala truely a Kerala food item. Kaalan, Olan, mezhukkupiratti, kannimanga, fish curry, kappa puzhukku, etc. are again Kerala dishes.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Dear Reubeen,

    This is a wonderful post. By reading through the lines itself, I got watery mouth. Kappa and meen curry is a lovely dish and is a typical Keralite dish. Similarly like Sankaran Sir said, Kannimanga is another favorite dish of mine. We should be really thankful for being born as Keralites. Proud to be one.

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    hi friends,
    I like this post, The kerala was the only state which I like the food very much.I like the most dosa and chammanthi, it was an amazing tasty combination,which have a different taster from other dishes. By the emerging of the fast food stalls ,the demand of the traditional food will be decreased.

    sirash khan

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