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    Read a book and share your experience.

    Most of you must be reading books as a leisure time activity or as part of your study. Whatever it may be try to pen down in a short paragraph or two how the content of the book impressed you.
    Such an experiment will definitely bring in more ideas for discussion as well help increase our knowledge. Those who are not in the habit of reading books, will perhaps start reading. There is nothing to replace reading and understanding the contents of books in order to improve our knowledge and proficiency in the language.
    Many of the members of this site need more reading at least to improve the language. Many are not caring for verb, tense, etc. when posting contents. Hence the practice of reading and writing summary will be ver helpful for everybody.
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    A nice idea Sankaran Sir. I am person who does not have the habit of reading at all. But as you said, if some of the members at SPK who love reading can pen-down the summary of what they have read, then it can be helpful to people like me. I might be impressed by the summary and would want to read the entire book. This way I can bring out an interest towards reading. Hope to see more responses to this thread.

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    it was a good idea, reading habit will encourage and this will help to the get a knowledgeable generation.But Now a day the people avoid this reading habit. Actually the reading will improve the knowledge and the skill. Now a day most of the people depend the internet, and this will not improving reading skill it will deviate the readers mind. Most of the time i do like this ,I refer a book in online and some other advertisements will deviate my mind and lead me into another technical site. The libraries are slowly disappear from the kerala due the lack of book readers , most of the people choose multimedia for earn knowledge.

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    Reading is a positive trait.It gives more resource.I do like reading quality.It is necessary for a brighter tom morrow's. It will be better if you write an abstract view of your read content.It will give a more clear view of your understanding from the read.I am not telling, you always be involved in reading.Don't be quick ie,complete a book quickly and take another.Slowly and clearly understand every content and write important points of the content.

    Bipin Varghese

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    yes, its really good idea. we can easily improve our knowledge as well as english communication skills.

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    Reading a book and sharing the experience a good method. we can share the content and outlook about the book. This will help others to select the book for reading.
    This thread made me to remember my school days. When I was in school in every Friday teacher will issue books to the students. They can keep the same book for two weeks with them. Finally at the end of the week they have to submit an outlook about the book. I don't know nowadays this system are there or not. This will help to increase the students ability to write and they will start to concentrate more on reading. Nowadays the technology has been developed and people are getting more opportunity to bothwrite and read. They can interact with many number of people through the websites and blog.

    With Best Regards,

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    I am also remembering my school days. Friday afternoon sessions were set apart for 'Sahithya samajam' (literary get-together). every week one student had to come prepared to present something from the literature. It may be based on certain books. Some presents a poem and explains. Some come prepared with certain stories, etc. However it was giving an opportunity to read something outside the text books.
    Gold Member, SPK

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