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    Dooms day is over and we all are alive

    21st December 2012 was considered as Dooms day according to Mayans and the world was supposed to end on this particular day. This day fell on a Friday - last Friday but nothing had happened to our world and thankfully we all are still alive.

    Hope you all are safe and fine.
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    Did you believe in this forecast ? How can there be a dooms day ?
    The end, if any, will be reached through a slow process. This may be slowly affecting region after region.

    Nuclear reaction may be one cause, earth quake can be another, Tsunami can affect certain areas, War with highly destructive weapons can lead to catastrophe. Like these several causes must lead to the end of this world.That is my belief.

    Man made as well as natural causes are going to take us to the dooms day.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    I have heard about Dooms day long back but never believed in it. But to a certain extent I thought some kind of natural calamities might happen close to this date. Now, we all are using the earth to the maximum and one day earth will react and the world might come to an end. That is my belief. In 2010 I thought it might happen by the end of 2012, but now I know we still have time.

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    Hi friend,
    The Dooms day according to Mayans is absolutely wrong. I strongly believe that the world end will be slowly happens as in the form of Tsunami, nuclear war and in the form of acid rain etc. some of the signs of world ending will be seeing in our world the people will kill the nature by using harmful things.Now a day the use of chemical is rarely increase in all sectors. Instead of natural resources the people uses the chemical stuffs in all sectors this will lead to the end of our world. Use of these chemical will affect the natural resources,Day today life we use a small amount of harmful chemicals.These type of problem will slowly lead the end of the world.

    sirash khan

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