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    Christmas celebration in Kerala

    As like every festival Christmas has also some importance in Kerala. Christmas is celebrating for the memory of Jesus Christ birth, it is celebrated with different varieties of new dishes especially cakes and sweets. For students, schools were closed for Christmas holidays and they are at home in that time most of the housewife tries to make Christmas dishes like alluva ,katlate, gelbbi etc , Actually malayalee's are best in cooking. It is usually a fun in home because all the members are at home due to Christmas vacation.

    When we walk through the street on Christmas days, we can see shops and other selling places are decorated with Christmas stars, trees and even some shops make Christmas father for the attraction. In Kerala, it is competition for shop owners because it is the time of festival, so many customers come into the shop for buying thing. For bakery shops, Christmas is a great festival; they make different varieties of cakes and design it with different tasty flavors, the flow of customers for buying cakes were very high on Christmas days. It is actually a big celebration for all.

    In Christmas, different clubs and church where make Christmas carol. One person wear the dress of Christmas father and all others were followed him, with the help of music Christmas father dance, they visit all the house and give sweets to the children and gave them Christmas wishes. Christmas is not a festival of only a particular religion but it is a celebration of all. In schools, also students and teachers celebrate Christmas by cutting cakes and cards. In Christmas people share Christmas cards and gifts to each other. Like onam, malayalee's celebrate this festival with joy and fun. Christmas give as the message of love and care. Christmas celebration is done for the memory of Jesus Christ, it is believed that Jesus is born on Bethlehem in a December 25(almost in B.C4). Mostly it is a holiday time for all of them so visiting narrative places and celebrating Christmas is seen in Kerala.

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    The most fun time in Christmas days is in the evening, mostly youngsters and kids joined in the Christmas carol. The carol may end in midnight but it is fun to walk and talk with friends in night and playing, dancing, singing and visiting every home and enjoy the treat getting from there. It is a usual thing seen in Kerala in Christmas time. Al over the world is celebrating Christmas, but when a person says about Christmas our mind will go on this fun celebration because of our social style of celebration. If we switch on the television in Christmas, we can see different Christmas related program especially songs, cooking shows (about Christmas dishes); travel shows which show as the different modes of celebration in different areas. Totally, Christmas is a festival of happy and fun.

    In every Christmas time putting stars in front of the house is a part of Christmas celebration, the star is glowed with the help of light in night. It is believed that in the birth of Jesus, a star was glowed in the sky, which represents the birth of a god or a mighty king. From there, the putting stars in front of the house is become a part of the Christmas celebration.
    christmas star
    This celebration has an important role in making people happier. Christmas is came with new year so it is more fun to have both in same days. For Kerala Christmas is not only a festival but also it is a way of showing love and respect to others. I wish all the spider Kerala members a happy Christmas and a happy new year.
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    I take this opportunity to wish all the people around the globe a Merry Christmas.

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    hi friend ,
    This Christmas will have me happy and prosperity. The Christmas was a festival of joy and happiness. The whole Christian people and some other celebrate this festival of cake. In the last night of Christmas the prayers were held in the churches. The people celebrate this Christmas with different favours of cake. Among cold breeze in this December the warm and pretty celebration will held. The celebration of Christmas will not end in this days it will longer till the new year brokens.

    sirash khan

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