Hits and misses in 2012 Malayalam film industry

In Malayalam film industry, the year 2012 was proved to be favorable year. In the year 2012 about 140 of films are hitting the big screen, from the 140 films some went to earn big bucks and others failed to rake at the box office. The maximum numbers of films were released in the last year garnering a business worth Rs.600 crore. Films like 22 Female Kottayam, Diamond Necklace, Beautiful, Run Baby Run and Ustad Hotel to name a few proved that the Mollywood is ready to take experiments with a new genre of film making. The year 2012 here we also saw around 12 films being dubbed to Malayalam mostly from Telugu language, the malayalee audiences will welcomed many other language films from Tamil and Hindi along with the Malayalam movies. The year 2012 will be remembered for some good films, that is the New Generation Cinemas.
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The year shows the actor like Dileep leaving behind veterans like Mammootty and Mohanlal to be on the top. The actor Mammootty had as many as seven releases in 2012, which six of them will off the mark But Mohanlal's have five releases in 2012 which manages a good business in industry. The year saw super star films like Spirit, Thappana, Bhavuttiyude Nammathil, Run Baby Run, and Grandmaster fetch producers their share of pie. The actor Dileep outshone senior actors Mammootty and Mohanlal and he had so many hits like "Mayamohini", "My Boss", "Mr Marumakan" and "Spanish Masala" that did good marks in the industry. The actor Dileep also bagged the state's best actor award for the year 2011, he is a shining star with this award. The graceful actor Suresh Gopi did not have any release this year. Fahad fazil is one of the actor who swept the industry by storm, this year belongs to him. The year 2012 shows the emerging of mammootty's son dulquar salman also. Anoop menon is one another terrific actor and script writer who proved a good place in the Malayalam film industry in the year. In the year 2012 in the heroine category the Actress Samvritha Sunil will score. The films she did well like "Diamond Necklace" and "Asuravithu", is projected more and she had a total of eight releases in the year 2012.

Malayalam film industry saw some happy moments and some sad moments in 2012. The sad moments, when actors Thilakan, Jose Prakash, producer Navodaya Appachen, veteran writer T. Damodaran, young writer T.A. Shahid and music director Bombay Ravi passed away. The industry was shocked with the moment when the ace comedian Jagathy Sreekumar met with a road accident near Kozhikode in February. He is convalescing at the Vellore Medical College in Tamil Nadu and now he is slowly recovered but he is yet to start speaking again. In the year actress Swetha Menon's giving birth was filmed by director Blessy, the film named "Kalimannu" which is expect to release soon. Some tiffs are seen in the industry that 350 of the 500 film theatres closed down for a week in the last year and the strike was called off only after the state government assured a complete package for the industry.