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    Resource contests: Give suggestions win cash rewards

    Dear Members.
    We are extremely happy with the overall performance of the members and the dedication which is being shown towards the development of SpiderKerala. On this occasion we are planning to bring out a handful of resource contests which can make our members to focus on specific topics. You might be aware that recently google has released the list of top most search words in which 'Kerala Tourism' proved to be one among them. So, unique articles Kerala Tourism can bring more traffic to the site. We like to hear from our members about various topics to give as resource contests.

    Members can give their opinion with topics and related areas to which one has to concentrate. Give your opinion in detail as forum thread here. Best 2 suggestions with much detail will be given Rs 100 each.
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    Topics on Kerala tourism can bring in a lot of traffic to our site. Now many people are getting into religious means, hence topics on pilgrimage places in India will be useful. The article should contain the details regarding how to reach there, the hotels nearby, the important festivals there, the offerings done to make our wishes come true and so on.

    Secondly, as the art forms of Kerala are disappearing, articles on such topics can give a rebirth to these art forms and also attract more tourists to our country and traffic to the site. The tourists are mainly interested to know about the art forms and culture of each state and country. If we can post such articles, then it can help tourists and also our young generation will get to know about our culture and we can preserve it.

    Thirdly, we can write articles on endangered species that are seen in our state and in the zoo. This will be useful to animal lovers and researchers.

    Fourthly, now we have Global village and Kerala shopping festival happening in Kerala. These have started recently and will bring in more tourists to our country in the coming years. By writing articles on this topic, we can spread about our culture and can attract tourists as well. Another known shopping festival is happening in Dubai - DSF. Many tourists reach Dubai during the DSF month, similarly this will happen in our state quite soon. By writing articles, we can also be a part of it. We can also write articles on emerging shopping malls in Kerala.

    Fifthly, as crimes are increasing in our state, we can write articles on how to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

    Sixthly, our country is rich in natural beauty, articles on tourists spots can also be included.

    Articles on colleges and other educational institutions in Kerala can also be considered. These days education is gaining lot of importance, hence people will be more interested in knowing about such information.

    Writing articles on famous and good hospitals in Kerala can also attract more traffic to our site. We hear every where in news that people who have money throw it to get a MBBS degree and they play with the life of common people to make money. In such situation, people are very much worried, as they do not know which doctor/hospital is to be trusted. Providing relevant and valid information on such topics seems to be really helpful to the common public.

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    Hello Biju sir,

    Thanks for giving me opportunity to share my opinion about topics.

    First Topic:

    Shopping releated articles bring always good traffic for site. So, we can write "Shopping malls in Kerala", "Deals and Discount offer in Shopping malls or Shopping Stores in Kerala" . Deals and discount article bring more adsense revenue for site.

    Second Topic:

    Next, our people are searching for some job ads, we can find lots of kerala job article in many sites. So, If we write some job article it will bring more revenue for site. so, topic is that "Jobs in Kerala"

    Third Topic:

    Media related article can bring good traffic. So we can write about some programs such as "Famous kerala programs in kerala Channels" , "Shows or programs in kerala channels".

    Fourth Topic:

    We can write some upcoming malayalam movie article, for this 2013 lot of upcoming movies are going to release, so we can write "2013 upcoming movies in kerala".

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    In my opinion topics like, Best tourist places in Kerala, Taxi fares at Kerala, Good hotels/restorents in Kerala, Kerala tourism guides or books, Goverment authorized tourist agencies, Amounts to be paid for good traveling experience, best tourist seasons, history and culture of Kerala, actions to be taken before visiting a tourist place in Kerala etc.

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    The topics related to 'Kerala Tourism' provide a big traffic to spk. As per my suggestion the spk will focus on the topics like.
    1.special dishes in kerala..
    Deals the special cuisine of Kerala based topics. The resource will focus on the special dishes in each district, and the place where that dish available and contact detail of the restaurants where the dish is available. And can share the detail of the particular dish.
    eg : Baked Tapioca dish

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    At present, the topic about the upcoming talented player "Sanju Samson" will catch more traffic as IPL is now running and its topics will be more interesting for others.

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    At present, topics about the top rated colleges and its details will catch the attention of lots of people.

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    I think, topics relating to the ayurvedic subjects will bring more traffic from foreign tourists. Because, the demand for ayurvedic treatment in kerala is very higher than the othep states of India. So the decision to include a seperate folder in is necessary.

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