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    Content has been copied

    Dear Editor,

    Today I came across an article in SPK abut Navya Nair. The link is given below.

    This article was written on 23rd May 2011. The same content can be seen on another website. Link given below.

    It was posted on 23rd August 2012. So to conclude, the article was copied from SPK.

    Kindly check on this matter and do the needful at the earliest.
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    I visited both the links and it is true. It is a real copied article. Editors please take necessary actions.

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    Yes, I too check it. Its true only. Please report about this issue.

    Santhosh Kumar.A

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    @ Santhosh Kumar, I have already reported it by posting a thread here but unfortunately none of the editors or webmaster have taken an initiative to reply back or to do something about the issue. Does anyone know who is the editor in SPK, if so I can send a private message to the editor regarding this issue.

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    Dilna, Now in our site no more editors available. All the editing work are carried out by our webmaster Biju sir. He will do proper action against it. We have to register a DMCA complaint against that site to resolve this problem. I think webmaster has already do the need ful. If it is your content, you can register your complaint on the following link. Any how, thanks for reporting this issue.

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    Thanks for reporting this. I have filed a DMCA complaint against the said site. Let us hope Google will remove the page from the search index soon.

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    Thank you all and especially Tony Sir for doing the needful.

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