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    Completed one year in SpiderKerala

    Hai Members, I am gladly inform you that I have completed one year of successful journey in SPK. I have started my online writing job in India study channel, and later shifted to spiderkerala and Techulator. I have joined spiderkerala after getting invitation from our Webmaster Biju sir. It was really a turning point in my life. Before that, I did not get much visitors for my article, and none of my articles are listed in 1st page of Google searches. But now days, most of my articles are getting listed in 1st page of Google searches. All the thanks for webmaster Biju sir, and Tony sir who have given appropriate instructions and advice on my journey. I got more credit from SPK more than that of any other sites since I have used most of my time for spider kerala. I have tried lot of time to get Google adsense approval at last it was approved through sister site Techulator. Even though, my adsense account approved through techulator, I got more adsense earning through our site spiderkerala. The lessons I learned from Biju sir has helped me to get such higher credits. As of now, 11 $ is the biggest adsense earning in a single day from SPK. I had taken break in SPK before few months and it was made missing of some precious things from SPK such as my editor post. Now days, I have get less credits for my articles in SPK, however I am unable to complaint against it, because of my language limitation. However, the adsense earning from SPK stick me on writing article on this site. New editors has helped me to review my article and make correction on time. I can't forget their help, since they have reviewed my articles and accepts it on time, that's why I got adsense earning through this site. I hope more and more earning from spiderkerala in future through adsense also through articles credits. I am dreaming my editor post back to me in future. I hopes to get my first adsense cheque from this month or next month. Anyhow, thanks to everyone who supports me on this journey, especially for Biju Sir and Tony sir.
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    Dear Shafeer,
    Glad to note that you have completed one year in SPK. I notice that you have made use of this year to communicate with other members and get familiarized with various topics, which helped you to comment on the threads appearing in this column. I am sure that this might have helped you to improve your language and the ability to present your ideas. So try to make use of this discussion column to further your knowledge as well as writing capabilities still further. All best wishes for a bright new second year.
    With regards

    Gold Member, SPK

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