A day for our mother tongue

Most of us do not know that a particular day has been earmarked for our mother tongue. February 21st is celebrated as the 'Mother Tongue Day' throughout the world as decided by the UNESCO, since the year 2000.

Mother tongue is just like mother to each one of us. Wherever we may be living we carry with us our mother tongue also. Traditionally a culture and a life style will be attached with the mother tongue. Each community has its own mother tongue. Thousands of such languages are there throughout the world. Thousands of them have already disappeared with the influence of other languages and political invasions.

We know that the formation of Kerala State was based on the language Malayalam. The border of the State was decided based on the mother tongue of people living there. The Southern part of Thiruvithancore had majority of Tamil speaking people, hence that portion was merged with Tamil Nadu. Similarly on the Northern border also some portions were merged with Karnataka because of language.

The aim of setting apart a particular day by UNESCO for celebrating mother tongue is to preserve them and the related culture of that community without allowing to perish.