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    Konkani spreading over kerala

    Konkani is more familiar to keralites after the film "Kammath and Kammath". Konkani was came from Goa before 750 years. Thousands of people migrated to various parts of Kerala and Karnataka.In accordance to new calculations there are almost 17 lacks peoples who speaks Konkani.

    Konkani is very interesting languages of India. If we were hearing Konkani for first time I think you won't get any idea about their communication. It would be very fast and accurate but we will be shocked. If tried to listen carefully the result will be failure. Now a days Konkani most common in Alappuzha areas. Almost all Konkanians are Brahmans, It doesn't mean complete Konkanians are Bhrahmans .

    Migration of people from Goa is took place before 750 years and most of them are seen in Alappuzha and its near places. Konkani, the name came from the word 'Konkana'. It was the name of Parashuram's mother.The place Konkan and the language came from these name Konkana. Migration was during the time of Portuguese controlling Goa. According to survey made by Government of Kerala there are almost 4 Lacks of people who speaks Konkans. But all Konkanians will speak Konkani each other when ever they meets. Now there is no difference between keralites and these people they lives like each Malaya lee lives.

    Now they have their own temples and smithereens . The count now comes up to seventeen lacks in Kerala only. Almost same number will be in Karnataka also, because during migration into Kerala half portion of them migrated to Karnataka District. Now Konkani have great role in Kerala. Konkani Sahithya Academy, Konkani Sahithya Samajam , Kerala Konkani Academy, Konkani Bhasha Pracharasabha and other organizations in Kerala working for developing of the language Konkani. There are over 40 Organizations running in Kerala similarly.
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    Happy to see this thread, which gives some information about the minority social group, Konkans. In the above article you have stated that as per a survey conducted by Kerala Govt. four lakhs of konkan speaking people are there.In the next paragraph it is given that the count now comes to 17 lakh konkans in Kerala itself. Why this difference? Four lakhs refers to which year or to which place ?

    Above posting needed language editing.

    Gold Member, SPK

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