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    Threads have become a rare phenomenon !

    These days no new threads are seen in these columns. Also it seems that nobody is interested in responding to whatever is available. Of course, the student members must be busy with their annual examinations, naturally they may not be getting time to open this site. But what about others, those who are employed or retired or the general groups ?
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    This indicates that no one is sincerely working and no one knows about the benefits that they can achieve through Spider Kerala. Many of our present members are only engaged in submitting articles. They should come forward for the betterment of our site.

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    Hai Sankaran sir,
    I also agree with you. But I was busy with my studies so there was no time to spend on SPK. What Cijo said is also correct. Nowadays everyone needs money. Nobody have time to spend for others. All are working to submit articles. Why they should spend atleast a 5 minutes in the forum section?

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    Just spending an hour to go through these postings and giving a feed back, if any, may not be a lose for anybody. It will at least help improving the GK, also a little of the grasp in English. So do contribute.
    Gold Member, SPK

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