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    Share your experience working with SpiderKerala

    Dear Members,
    We are curious to know the experience of our members working with SpiderKerala during the past. SpiderKerala had become a unique platform which has developed us as content writers added to it many are making decent earning from your posts via google adsense. How far had been your journey in SpideKerala? Are you satisfied working with us? Do you have any suggestions? We are happy to hear from you.

    The best 2 feedbacks would be rewarded. Why waiting!!!! Do share your experience…
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    Sharing one's experience with Spider kerala will be interesting. But making it a competitive item, I feel, is not a welcome decision. I don't know how this is going to be assessed for selecting the best. Any way it has been announced and hence something will take place.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    I have joined in Spider Kerala on 18-2-2012 after get invitation from the webmaster Biju sir through face book. I haven't written any article for few days because I am participating more on India study channel. I always tried to get Google adsense through India study channel, but failed. So, I started to work on SPK with the intention of Google adsense account approval. My first article in SPK was about SSLC result and my third article was about Thrissur Pooram festival which gave me more earning compared to ISC. So, I decided to work for SPK, since I got decent earning from the post of SPK. You can see me top earners list in home page of SpiderKerala site. I have shared my experience with my friends in College and they also participated actively on this site. Biju Sir had given me topics and I had written those topics within time. Webmaster Biju sir has honoured me with an editor post in SPK, I was really happy for that position, since I wanted an editor post in our site on that time. Due to some issues, I have stopped for working with SPK, and joined in techulator. My adsense account was approved through techulator. In my experience with SPK, article on SPK has got many visitors compared to my articles in any other sites. So, I am back on SPK. In past I had received many help from the webmaster Biju sir for fine tuning my articles. His suggestions and tips helped me to write article with some sort of SEO skills. In these days I have written about hot topics such as Santosh trophy, gate exam, and CCL matches in SPK. These topics had given me decent earning through Google adsense. I have reached 100$ within 45 days through articles in SPK. I had received more than 43$ in single day from an article about Santosh trophy 2013 final in SPK. This is the highest earning for me from online world till now. One more thing I have earned more credit within 2 months from Google Adsense than the credit I got from Spiderkerala during last one year. This indicates that even though, cash credit you get from this site is low, you will get decent earning from Google through the posts in SPK. I am really happy to work with this site, because my articles on SPK have given more earnings than articles in any other sites. I have complained many times about less credit for my articles in SPK even though, now I am satisfied with the adsense earning from SPK. I hope more Adsense earning from SPK in future too. Now I decided to give my soul to SPK for mutual benefits for the site and for me. I have a suggestion to the webmaster, I have seen best traffic article award in Techulator, and I think it will be good if implemented on SpiderKerala too. One more suggestion that SPK should add Kerala job section because I hope it will give more visitors to the site.

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    After posting the above response, I started thinking about the question. Well, I joined this Spiderkerala on 16th of December, 2009. Started my contacts with answering a post, I think so. Then slowly started contributing to both discussion forum and resources. I was not much attracted by the payments involved, I was finding a way to spend my leisure time.Thus I went through each forum questions and started replying.Of course, I was a member of India Study Channel and was familiar with the site.And I joined this because of an invitation from the web master, thanks to him.
    Now I just looked back and I find that I have posted sixty two resources and earned 1665 points and earned an amount of Rs.1448/-. Posted 225 questions, earned 800 points and 63 rupees. By answering 376 questions I got 1265 points and 40 rupees.
    As I mentioned I could gather several information and add to my knowledge by going through these columns. More than that I had to refer several books, magazines, news papers and sites to gather necessary details for posting a resource. This home work was really rewarding as far as my knowledge was concerned.
    In short this SPK has helped me to add to my knowledge and broaden my interests. This is in addition to utilizing my leisure time in a very useful manner. After retirement, actually, I have enough free time in my possession. Thanks SPK.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    I have joined and worked on a lot of online job providing sites and have simply wasted my times spending in front of my PC. But Spider Kerala is very genuine and is trustworthy. A lot of members are earning huge amount through this site and Google Adsense. It is very simple to earn if you have a great vocabulary skills and highly talented in handling your English thus providing great valuable resources to the site.

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    I have joined spk on my 12th vacation.First time I got 40 rupees and then many resources were rejected because of not knowing more about the rules and regulations of spk.After a long gap,i wrote an article and got approved .It inspired me to spend more time in spk.I will do my level best for my future submissions with good quality articles .

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