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    Forum is having a slow death.

    Seeing the trend in this forum section, I feel it is going to have a slow death. No member is coming forward to start a new thread for discussion. I too do not feel like introducing any new thread since there were no responses to many of my earlier threads, may be no one is reading them.
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    Yes. Our forum department is becoming down these days. Many of my posts, infact all of them are left without any respond. This will make the members very boring. Some of the members are only active in resource part as it earns more. But the forum part also plays a role in getting 'Google Adsence'. We should be active in all parts of our site any should try to bring it up.
    I think the present situation is that we donot have members who actively participate here. Everyone takes this for a time pass. Some may have job, some may be students or other busy people. So we should try to bring more members who are free from all this. It can be retiered teachers or those who have interest in article writing. More actively participating members will lift us well. I this some special rewards should be given for such members who gets useful refferals. Due to lack of responds everyone looses their interest.

    Its just my opinion. Hope its useful.

    With Regards,
    Cijo George Thomas.

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    Even though everyone starts to post different special forum, there will no competition among our members if there are no responses. Gradually the forum department will fail as such. I know that
    editors are very busy with their works but posting some tips which can uplift our site and other neccesary informations during their free time will definitely help our new members alot. Best wishes.

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