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    Your addressing of the addressing the grievances of registered members is great!


    You have such a horrible system of addressing the grievances of registered members, so how will you be managing the issues of clients?

    I have wasted lot of my precious time today morning, entering an article on your system with the manual use of HTML, and before saving it there was a message that I'm blocked! What the hell for?! I'm not told!!

    And as per your guidelines, I have put the problems in the forum, and there's no reply after 10 hours! Each second is counted in the internet world by Google and other blogging sites!! Hello, in which world are you living?! The WordPress and Google blogger are a feather touch, and where your system stands!

    Sorry to have tried your site in my interest in a Kerala site for creative writing!

    Good bye,

    Saji Mathew
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    Why the title is given like this, "Your addressing of the addressing of grievances..." ? Is it by mistake or for stressing your requirement?
    Gold Member, SPK

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