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    Showing amount in the shared articles

    In this site there is provision to share the articles/resources with other social sites such as Face book, Google plus, etc. But when such sharing is done the article shared carries with it the amount paid/payable to the author by the site owner. This looks awkward since the persons reading the article from the shared sites are not members of SPK.

    So, please see whether this amount part can be removed while being shared with other sites.

    In this context it may be noted that the sister site, India Study Channel, already has started removing the amount part before sharing with others, on request from certain members.
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    Yah, i also agree with T.M. Sankaran sir. Its awkward if others see how much we earn for each articles that we share. It should only be viewed by our members to increase our competitive mind. But the only advantage of showing our earning to other people who are not a member of spider kerala is that they will also wish to earn like us and more people will join our site. Thus it will improve the development.

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