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    Are you missing your school Days?

    We started school at the age of 3 or 4 in kindergarten without our knowledge or permission.It is the parents who are introducing the child to the wonderful new atmosphere. At first,the child miss his parents.Some may get easily adapted to the new surroundings very quickly,other may take more time. I belong to the second category. In fact, I took almost 1 year.
    We make friends in the classroom, initially our bench mates thinking that they will remain as our friends forever.When stepping into the higher class,we do cheating in the exam hall.Everybody does that at least for once in their student life.Mostly, every students have a dream of becoming a school monitor,head boy,head girl,sports captain,house captains,class monitor etc.These responsibilities indeed help us in building up a successful career in future.The extra classes are the most irritating factor for the students.Some may come early for chit chatting,some are late comers.
    At last, after getting all the certificates,sweet memories left in our hearts.Every corner of the school tells a story about the incidents we had during the school time. Even after we left the school, we used to visit at some special occasions like Onam, Christmas and annual day.Usually, reunions were conducted so that we can cherish the old golden memories about the jokes we cracked,mistakes we made.Unfortunately by the passage of time, the number of visits reduces since we are engaged in our higher studies or jobs.But the memories lasts forever.We all miss our school life badly,aren't we?
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    Dear member, my school days are great day and I really enjoyed. And I sincerely hope if the hand of time can be reversed back, I will be glad to go back.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Yes. I have just completed my school life and entered college career. It is really touching and will miss all my friends who have studies with me even from play classes. But in this modern world there are social networks and other facilities to be in touch with. This is life and every one has to face it.

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    Sure, I am missing those good old days of enjoyment. We had freedom always except when sat in the classes. Home works were not a botheration for me. I took them very lightly and attended to them sincerely and promptly.
    I remember those days when after the school hours how we ran to home from school. Take some light food kept ready by my mother and proceed to the play ground. About one or one and hours we used to spend in the play ground, then we ran into the large pond there near our temple. Jumping and swimming in water for another hour or more were really enjoyable. Temple festival days really took us to newer realms of joy. Summer vacations were always richer with visits to relatives' homes and eating mangoes and jack fruits.
    We,now, really miss all those things.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Thank you for selecting my response as the best. However, I could not elaborate the response by including several interesting experiences which, again, I feel I miss very much.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    i really dont miss my school days much but i do miss my college days. awesome things to remember and tons of incidents to laugh on. i think every body miss their student life. those days were great

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    School days are always nostalgic. As days ,months, years passed, we will be busy with life. But when turn back to our school life, almost all people has a lost feeling, because the tension, the speed was not there with our school life. Past life will always sweater than current days. Past sadness will be sweat memories in future.........

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    Recently I met one of my school mates casually on my way to my native place at the bus stand. Both of us were very happy and went on talking about old days. We decided to have a cup of tea in the nearby restaurant.
    Sipping the tea we continued our conversation. He was our class leader, not because he was a bright student.Only because he was tall and well built. He was a football player too. In studies he was just an average, where as I belonged to the brighter group. I was short in size and hence my seat was always in the front bench.
    I did not play any games during those days in the school ground.(I play when I reach home). There was no much extra curricular activities during those days. Only a school anniversary will be there. In connection with this anniversary competitions in arts and literary items and also sports items used to be held. Only these were the attractive part of the anniversary. We students were more or less free from the burden of studies at that time.
    In our conversation all these topics came up , of course with the names of different class mates and school mates. Certain teachers' names were also coming up occasionally.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    school life is the best time of your entire life. When you are at school you don't realize how valuable it is until you leave school and lost all your old friends and the laugh, hate , hurt that you experience at school is full of meaning.

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