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    What to expect in an Interview?

    Even experienced professionals have sometimes trouble preparing for an interview. But is interview really something to be stressed at? What kind of questions will they ask for an interview? How to get an interview? These are some of the topics which I want to discuss in this forum.
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    One of the most favorite question of the HR is - tell me about yourself.

    No need to worry. Just tell him a summary of your curriculum vitae. But make sure that you don't tell him your life history. Be brief and be honest. Its better to be honest than to catch lying later.

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    Interview is meant to know the applicant in totality before been considered for a job. It is an ideal thing to do in order to recruit the best hands in business and any organization.
    One of the questions that are asked in the interview is " why do you want to work for us" and " can we afford to pay you"

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    I have not yet faced any interviews but i can explain about interview in my point of view.

    It seems every one is feared of interviews. It is just a test to know how you can face others without any fear and raise your opinions whenever needed. They will not just test your intelactual ability rather, they will try to know how you can make all the aspects that you have studied into practical life. The things that you do should be usefull for others also.

    Other qualities are: good personality, leadership quality, problem solving ability, creativity, hardworking, good behavior towards your customers etc. . . .

    Hope it is useful.
    Best wishes

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    Dear George Thomas, if you have not faced an interview before, you can not precise what interview is all about. Interview involves questions and answers and it is not something that should be feared but should be appreciated in all ramifications. I love interview because I will try to give my full expression of my self before anybody or any panel.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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