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    Our malayalam easiest language in the world...

    'MALAYALAM' THE EASIEST LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD to learn and practise (structurally or grammatically)

    Inventor/discoverer : Jacob Nettikkatt (Nettikkadan)
    Learning any language other than the mother tongue and getting communicating ability in it, takes quite some time for anybody. But the vernacular of Kerala in South India Malayalam, has a different story to announce. This is due to the invention of a brand new item called "Linguistic Yardstick" by Mr. Jacob Nettikkatt (Nettikkadan). The invention reveals a new discovery that Malayalam has an exquisite structural distinction, totally different from other languages of the world, a claim which no other language in the world can boast of. THE EDUCATIONAL SCENARIO THAT INSPIRED THE NEW STYLE OF RESEARCH AND INVENTION
    Under the existing style of research, particularly in Universities or Research Institutes or the U.N., such an invention would have never been possible, because the GUIDE would not allow such a new approach; he would insist the researcher under him to go through the same rut as he himself had passed through earlier.

    The British introduced teaching of the English language in India, based on the syllabus prevailing in the schools of Great Britain, hundreds of years back. That is because the prevailing educational system in Great Britain was quite satisfactory at that time. But due to many reasons, out of 10,000 students who learned English in India for 19 or 20 years and became postgraduates, not even ten students could speak fluent English confidently. Just because they could not speak English, they could not build up a respectable career at a decent remuneration, especially outside their linguistic limits. So, most of the postgraduate victims could not build up a good career.
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    It is a good piece of information. Generally there is a feeling and saying that Malayalam language learning is difficult when compared with other languages. Even persons from other Indian States used to say that they can learn Tamil or Telugu but not Malayalam. Pronunciation is a major problem for them.
    Malayalam has 51 (plus) letters and certain letters are not pronounced in a similar way in all contexts. ('na' for example). 'ZHA' is another difficult letter. similarly the compound letters are also not so easily coming to others.

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