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    Remember something while using mobile phones.

    In this article, I just want to say that Mobile phones and the after effect of the use of Mobile phones.Cellular phones is not an exclusive things right now.It provide variety of services and also some demerits.

    Mobile phones are very popular in now a days.For a long time ago,Mobile phones are very expensive thing.But right now we can easily find many types of Mobile phones with different color and types or brands and use very easily.NOKIA,SAMSUNG,Black Burry are different types of Mobile companies.It provide wide variety of services such as text messaging,M.M.S,e-mail,Internet access,wireless communications such as Bluetooth,Infrared etc.and also provide interesting services like Photography and Gaming.The application relating to phones change very speedily.New inventions made by the mobile companies in a very competitive manner.They also provide smart phone,Tablets,i-phone,i-pad etc.All those mobile phone companies have follow common features.But manufactures are try to invent and implementing new different functions to their own product.It will attract customers.

    Today,The growth of technology has increased in our modern world.When we look in to the surroundings,we can see at least one person hold mobile phones.People use mobile phones for calling,send or read S.M.S,emails ,visiting social media networks etc.The important things to we noted that using mobile phones is not good for health. The radiation from the phone adversely affect our health. Children do not use mobile phones for prolonged periods of time because mobile phone radiation is harmful to them.It also causes disease like cancer. More people should now be developing this disease. Many scientific studies have proved various symptoms of mobile phones radiation.

    Mobile phone use while driving is common.But it increased the risk of accident.The use phones while driving is prohibited by law.It is also punishable.Some countries like Egypt,Japan ban and not allowed to use of mobile phones.Nobody can obey driving rules.people think that they are not for them.Thereby it leads to many problems. Continues and tremendous use of mobile phones create ear problems.

    The most important advantage of mobile phone is we can communicate with family members,friends without considering what where you are.We can contact easily to persons, sending messages without use of electricity.Some other useful applications like root map,calculator,Alarms are also provide cellular phones.

    Another thing is that,people can shoot or record crime using their mobile phones. And also the persons can misuse the photos or videos taken by the mobile phone cameras.They take photos and upload into internet. Some schools are prohibit mobile phones because the use is lead to cheating, harraszement, and other social activity in school.Now the colleges and some government offices prohibit the use of phones in working hours.

    Anyway,a common man must remember at least these ideas in his mind while using mobile phones.We carry our mobile phones almost everywhere. So its important that we find the mobile that's right for you.

    1. Use hands-free to decrease the radiation to the head.

    2. Keep the mobile phones away from the body.

    3. Use phones in better way and reduce the misuse.

    4. Avoid use of mobile phones while driving.

    5. If your phone lost,it have chance of misuse by number,photos.

    6. Therefore you must remember or record your IMEI number of phone.

    7. You must keep some emergency numbers like police,Ambulance,fire force,
    customer care number etc.

    8. Mobile phones damage your ear.Use in an appropriate way.
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    One of the main problem which present generation faces is the illeffects of using mobiles. There are many uses for mobiles and people can't even think of a second without it. But on other side it is also a silent killer. The radiations emitted from it can make tumor cells active. It is requested not to keep your mobile phone under the pillow or near to you while you sleep. While calling keep the phone on the left ear so as to reduce the radiations entered into the head. Similarly it also makes the small children adicted and such children lack other outer skills. So make the best use of the mobile phones and lead a peaceful and safe life.

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    Mobile gaming also affect children very badly.So parents should use mobile phones in a controlled manner and think of giving phones to their children.

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    Use your left ear to avoid direct damage to your brain..and dont use phone while charging.The heat from the phone causes skin problems so dont put mobile phones in pockets

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    I too agree.........Now a days even a small child knows to operate mobile phones....
    It has many merits but if not dealt properly...........can turn worse........

    Some Advantages :
    - Good Communication
    - always available
    - helpful in times of accident..etc

    Some Disadvantages :
    - Laziness among children
    - Pornography..
    - Spying.....

    To keep ur phone at safe hands 1 can use Secret controller(App for smart phone users)
    It clicks the pic of the one who puts wrong Pattern/pin/password and sends it to ur mail which helps you to track the thief. only work if you have a front camera....
    - Hope it help every1

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