Information on environmental issues and its solutions.

We are living in the twenty first century. Science and technology has developed a number of changes in our surroundings.Also a lot of environmental issues. In this article we discuss various environmental issues faced by human beings.

Environmental problem is a burning issue of modern times.There is also changed the ecological attitude of human beings.The more and more uncontrollable activities of the human beings are damaging our healthy environment. Other than urban area, in our rural areas there are open spaces,lush greens fields,no smoke omitting factories, very few vehicles, no chemical industries.We can never saw the pollution. They are purely unpolluted areas.But now a days, the uncontrollable activities of human beings are also damaged the both city and villages.In cities, there are large number of factories in and around which emit black smoke and other harmful gases into the air.The dirty water of the whole city goes into the river and sea.The vehicles are increasing day to day. These vehicles emits poisonous gases such as carbon-dioxide.Most of the cities and rural area trees are cut to construct more and more houses,flats,buildings etc.which leads to very few open green spaces in the area.All these issues pollute our water,soil,air which damage and pollute our precious environment.Environment pollution is injecting harmful substances into the air,water and land. Now a days, we are not getting enough fresh air, pure water,and proper land for living.All of these resources are exploited by modern mans.As a result human beings become more selfish and greedy.Nobody think about the environment.Now we discussing the various pollution faced by the environment and the solutions step by step.They are........


Air pollution means the contamination of air with harmful gases,smoke and dust.It is caused by environment when something like gas and other polluted items emitted into the air from industries,carbon-dioxide,carbon-monoxide,nitrogen-dioxide, etc. from vehicles and chemical industries.This reasons cause many diseases and early death.I think populated cities with a large number of industries,a lot of sulpher dioxide is released into the atmosphere due to the burning of coal.The sulpher dioxide reacts with water vapour in the presence of air to form sulphuric acid.This acid mixes with rain water causing acid rain.When air is pollute it will becomes unfit and harmful for human beings to breathe.It also create physical discomfort.

In order to control air pollution ,the Government has notified the emission and efficient standards for air major polluting industries have been identified and take necessary action plans.Compressed natural gas are use as fuels instead of petrol and diesel. Banning of smoking in public places and use of plastics.


Water pollution is the pollution caused to water.It is contaminated India 's lot of surface water and underground water.Water pollution is caused by domestic and human waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste. Sewage and industrial water deposited into the rivers and lakes.One of the major cause of water born disease is domestic and human waste.The consumption of polluted or contaminated water cause disease like trachoma, intestinal worms,hepatitis etc. excessive use of fertilizers and insecticides in the agriculture also cause water pollution.Increasing population and urbanization increase the demand for water.Awareness about the necessity of clean water is also increasing. There must be a strict regulatory measures are to be enforced to prevent water pollution. Water is a precious resource. It ha to be properly priced to prevent misuse.Also regulating polluted industries.

Water is used for drinking ,washing etc.River pollution makes it unfit for swimming, fishing and other commercial purposes. Water pollution is a serious threat to the growth and development of tourism industry.It damage of vegetarian and live stock.Without water, body cells cannot function and they die. For reducing water pollution ,action plans for polluted rivers have been taken to improve the quality of water.

Noise pollution is caused by vehicles,loud speakers,wind mills etc. Noise pollution is a big problem in cities and towns, where the pollution is high.

Noise pollution results in various types of diseases in ear. Now a days the government is adopted various methods to control noise and restriction to high sounds in public areas.


Degradation of land is another major problem adversely affecting the environment. When land is degraded and its quality lost it.Land degradation is caused mainly of the factors like..soil erosion.Land pollution involves the deposition of solid wastes on land . e.g. cans,bottles,plastic containers etc

We faced a number of environmental issues today, the causes which are many and varied. All these man alone is responsible as social being.We should more care about it and wait for a greener tomorrow.