Healing Effects of Dark Chocolates

According to a recent study published in a reputed medical journal, the eating of dark chocolates is beneficial for the body. From the health point of view, it lowers blood pressure and cleanses the blood stream. In order to reap the positive effects on health, one needs to judiciously select the food he takes. So, next time you eat dark chocolate, try to avoid taking any other calorie-rich food along with it.


Right from the childhood, we have been told that eating chocolates harms the teeth and health. Moreover, we have been told that these food items have large quantity of combustible saturated fatty acid that burn into carbon dioxide and energy. Further, we were told the saturated fatty acids add to the clot formation in the lumen of blood vessels, blocking the flow of blood. Of late, the scenario changed due to an experiment result published in a journal. The experiment result loudly declared that eating dark chocolate is good for health, as it reduces the clot formation in the body and lowers the blood pressure. Both these two effects combine to ensure the smooth blood flow to the vital organs of the body such as heart and brain. The improvement of blood flow to the brain improves its cognitive functions.

Antioxidant Effect

The dark chocolates in fact contain a group of flavonols known as procyanidins and epicatechins. These flavonols are capable of acting as antioxidants in the body. These flavonols are found in extracts of cocoa beans. The more you roast the cocoa bean the more flavonols you lose. Hence, the white chocolate or milk chocolate containing roasted cocoa beans are not good for health. Since these molecules have antioxidant properties, they gobble up the free radicals produced in the body as soon as they are produced, shielding the other cellular machineries from oxidation. The absorption of these flavonols is largely affected by the intake of milk or other dairy products. This is the reason why the milk chocolates need to be avoided to have a healthy heart for decent living.

Blood Pressure Lowering Effect

Another effect of dark chocolate intake is the perceptible reduction in the blood pressure. So, it is advisable for the middle-aged folks to take small amounts of dark chocolate. If these people have a history of mild blood pressure, they should take small amounts of dark chocolate. If they have to get perceptible improvement in their overall health, they need to balance the extra calories they have received through dark chocolate intake by eating less of other high-calorie food items.

Amount Prescribed

Since the chocolates have large calorific values, even the prescribed dosage of one ounce is too much for the body. One ounce equivalent of energy may play havoc in the body of a person who is struggling to lower his weight. Hence, thinking from all angles, the ideal dosage should be about 15 grams of dark chocolate a day to keep the blood circulation in the body going. The energy equivalent to this dosage is 75 kilocalories. Normally the original bitterness and intensity of flavonoids can be had by consuming 86% dark chocolate. So, it is always best to start with 60% dark chocolate, if you are having dark chocolate for the first time.

How to eat?

Always choose those chocolates that are not filling. Since the chocolates are not meant to be used as snacks, savor them only after a healthy meal containing low-calorie vegetables and fruits. These low-calorie food ingredients also supply lots of antioxidants to the body. Otherwise make fondue with black chocolate and dip small pieces of bananas, strawberries, dates and pineapples for enjoying its positive health effects.


Dark chocolates have a positive effect on the blood circulation of the body. It has a two-prong effect from biochemical and physiological points of view. Firstly, it contains a group of flavonols called procyanidins and epicatechins. These flavonols are capable of acting as antioxidants. Secondly, they lower the blood pressure in the blood vessels when administered at optimal dosage. The combined effect of these two effects is the smooth flow of blood through blood vessels to vital organs of the body, especially the brain and heart. By cultivating the correct food habits, one can savor the taste of black chocolate and enjoy the positive health effects it provides. So, next time buy your dear and near ones a box full of black chocolates at the time of festivals.