Ipoetree - a new web site for poets from Williamsji Maveli

A Poetry posting site will be launched on 1st January, 2014 under the guidance of Freelance writer and Poet Williamsji Maveli. This poetry posting site is meant for all interested poets from all over the world. The poems need to be in English as there will not be any provisions to post them in any other languages. The Management will select the best poem for each month and will publish in a collection of poems every year. Interested poets/poetess may log on to http://www.ipoetree.in

A poetry posting site from Kerala, India

Poetry dates all the way back to the beginnings of Humanity. People have always been questioning nature, and the day-to-day existence of themselves and other humans love, death, survival, war, injustice, and the universe are all examples of things that have been questioned by men and woman since the roots of human existence. Whether in nursery rhyme, ballad, jingle, rhyme, anthem, or music, people have found poetry to be an outlet for expressing these questions, sensations, and experiences
People often associate it with strict rhyming patterns, complicated vocabulary, hidden iconic meanings, and difficult rhythmical conventions. Poetry is even taught in school to be an intricate, complicated, inexplicable puzzle. True, poetry is difficult. Sure, it can be harder to understand than prose. However, that is only because sometimes it is involved with your inescapable complexities and uncertainties of your existence.

In this era when the soul wants to go on a spree, imagination and creativity are all merged to serve and let you fulfill your wish to express. The pen, mightier than the sword, is free and can conquer hearts all over the world. So here is a site which allows unity in diversity and considers not cultural and racial barriers. It welcomes professionals and amateurs equally as poetry believe not in prejudice. Human beings are free to write their feelings and emotions. We therefore invite here people from all over the world to celebrate under the ipoetree. Feel at home here under the shade of this tree which pines to have as fruits your poems.

Williamsji Maveli (Williams George) is an enthusiastic and solid writer. He is a sincere, resourceful and diligent in his poetic work. He is very well connected and networked within the literary community and is willing to take up projects even in his tight schedules. His writings reflect the amount of research on the current events that has gone into it along with his knowledge and expertise inthe field. However, Williamsji's many poems are simple to read, interpret, and understand. His latest book, titled “ARAMVIRALTHUMBATHU…" (On the tip of the sixth finger), is now published and released by H & C Books,Trichur which is a collection of lyrics.

If any one is interested, please email to williamsji@yahoo.com or write to