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    Students without tution

    Nowadays parents are suffering lots of mental pressure than a child at the time of exams. They are taking leave from there office and sitting with there children at the time of exam. Is this really help and care the children. Students are not getting the time to play after school. Because they have to go for tution. For all all subject they are going for tution. Is this is showing incapability of a teacher those teach them in school or it is a competition for A+? I don't think there is a students without tution for at least one subject.
    When I was in school almost 10- 15 years back that trend was not there. Without any tution I passed with a very good mark.My parents also didn't get time to spend with me. Only self study. Not only me most of our friends have the same experience. My parents not even know about the exam time also. Nowadys tution is a prestige issue.
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    It is a fact that these days the parents more worried about examinations of their children. As you mentioned I do remember that many of my subordinates applied for leave once their children were to attend some examination, mainly the SSLC examination.
    Parents also run after teachers for providing tuition to their children. Mathematics and English are the two sought after subjects for tuition.
    For a bright student (or even for those who attend the classes regularly) tuition is not needed. He/she need only to go through the topics covered in the class once again on the same day, preferably, before going for sleep.
    Giving tuition actually makes him lazy and looses his initiative. Hence the ideal thing is allow the student to study himself regularly. Never allow to postpone any work

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    These days parents are more concern about their students academic performance and are not allowed to play or enjoy their lusure time with their friends. Parents force the students to attend tutions and other coachings. If a student can't understand their subjects while in class makes the worst use of such tutions. If we take the case of students who have achieved great hights in their career have enjoyed their lusure time with their hobies. Thus they will enjoy their life and can easily give their best. They may not get full A+ but they will be a students with good skills, thinking capability, good personality and much more. Even great companies look forward for such students as there are more than 60% students with top class grades but lack other neccessary things. So it is good if parents force children to go for some personality development training centres because it will be really benificial for every students career. Make the best use of the lusure time and be always fit. Enjoy the subjects and future will be bright.

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    Today number of tution centers are more than shcools. More than half of the students are going for tution. Now in all areas collage students and for school students, tution is available. Some are started tution at the primary classes onwards. Now tution is available for LKG students also. No Student without tition

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    It is a fact that the very teachers who are teaching in schools conduct tuition classes after class hours. And the very students (not all of them) attend these classes. The teacher is seeing this as another source of income. Students go there thinking that it will make the teacher happy.

    Even in colleges such teacher- run- tuition centres are there. I remember when I was studying for my degree one of the Professors used to say openly to come to his tuition centre if the student did not understand the class clearly. Thus tuition has become a business. These days it is the entrance coaching centres that are flourishing.

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