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    Indian Vedic Astrology

    Indian Vedic Astrology Specialisation in face reading, hand reading
    vaastushastra,kundli matching, tarot card reading, black magic horoscope
    and all kind of pujas.
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    Vedic astrology, Face reading, Hand reading, Black magic is still there in different part of the Kerala. These all are related to the belief of the people. For any function which is going to be happened in home the date fixation and time is important. For that most of the people are consulting an astrologist. In the name of astrology, Hand reading, Vasthu lots of cheating also happening. Technology also developed for astrology like computer horoscope.
    We can see hand reading and face reading groups in the surrounding of the temple and all. Because they can earn money through devotees easily. Frist they will understand the weakness of the people those who are coming to the temple. People who are falling in this type of cheating are mostly the parents whose daughter's or son's marriage getting late due to many reason, couple with no children etc. They may be coming to temple for internal peace. These types of people are easily identified by this group.
    Before starting a house people will consult a vasthu expert and they will define the postion of the house. People will spend more money on their house. After some year if anything bad happened they will again consult a vasthu expert. There the problem will start. That person will tell your house's position is not proper. You have to change entrance of the bed room or change the place of toilet like that. To those who spend his entire income throughout his life on house this will be a big tragedy. He may not be completed the loan also. After that anything happened to the family they may thought that it is due to the problem of the house. They will consult another person for their mental relief. That person will tell another reason. The entire family will be in trouble.
    Black magics also there in different part of the state. In newspaper also we can see the advertisement about it. They will offer the jewels and some machines for the people for lakh of rupees.

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