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    Why this generation gap between parents and children ?

    It is observed that there is a huge generation gap felt between parents and their childrens. Childrens find very little time to mingle or have fun with thier relatives or friends. Children are now spending their maximum time in computers, mobiles, televisions, and all. The over use of internets, gaming, social networking has caused a serious generation gap among their close ones. This indeed affect the children in many ways. They will not have a happy family atmosphere, they will drop their accademic skills and even become physically weak as they find a little time for their body exercise. Exercise doesn't mean that you should work out in gym. You can keep your body fit by playing outdoor games.

    Many years back there was no such developments and people were very close to each other. Parents used to find time to openly speak up with their children and solve all their small problems. Its is true that we can't think of a life without the present technologies. So it is important to use your time properly and make the best use of it. Suggest some opinion about this increasing generation gap and advantages and dissadvantages of new technologies.
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    if you ask me main area in which young and old are reported to differ is their taste in music. Although young people love having their own kind of music, they also often enjoy sharing their musical tastes with others. Ask your children and grandchildren to play some of their favorite music for you and explain why they like it. You may be surprised to find that you like it as well. If you don't wish to hear explicit language, state that up front. You may also find that your children and grandchildren are big fans of your music. Rock is still the favored genre for all groups up to age 65. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix are popular among all age groups. So while Coldplay may leave you cold, you may still be able to find some areas of agreement in the oldies category.

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    Today parents many are busy in theur jobs. They don't get time to interact with their childrens. Some childrens are in bording schools. some kept alon in home, parents always had business tours. So a gap is created between children and parent. Communication skill is developed firstly at home itself, if it's not created childens don't speak to others. Some time childrens get adicted to internet and so. A good interaction with parents and childrens can solve this kind of problems. Some good friends also can change bad attitudes other ones. Selecting good friends is very hard but a friend is always like a fire , which can burn bad things inside us.

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    It is only natural that generations show differences among them. This is because the living conditions and the society do change with time. It is not possible to allow the children to lead a life within the control of their parents alone. They mingle with others, especially after attaining the age of schooling. Also the population size is going on increasing. This creates the need to have more families staying close by, which lead to mixing of culture and tastes.
    Above all the new generation has more chances to access into the culture of other parts of the world. Television, computer, mobile phone, etc. are readily available to the new generation, where as the older generation had to contend with the simple talks with their neighbors or relatives. Perhaps news papers also came to them later to get in touch with other civilization.
    Modern education is also inviting differences among the generations.

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    Now childrens are concentrated in tech. In this competetive world chldrens are the main victims. parents push their kids in arts or educaional things they forcef thrie childrens for make status in socity. parents should love their. Then childrens slowly get closser to parents. Give respect and take respect,we all should remember it.

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    Parents are fulfilling each and every needs of their children but finds less time together. This will greatly affect the deep relation between parents and their children.

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