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    Forum section is not active.

    Why nobody is ready to post a thread in the forum section? The responses and discussion for the thread is also not there. I have posted and responded for number of thread. But no responses from the other members.I think the authors also forgot about this. Everybody is behind the money by posting articles.
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    I think there is a great improvement in our forum section comparing the past few months but that is not enough. More members have to come forward. Members are more likely to concentrate in posting articles as they can earn more from it. But it is reminded that a member can only get an approved adsence earning only if he or she is active in all the sections of our site. It is also requested to give some monthly benifits for the best performer in forum section. Then definitly more members will find time to contribute. This is not just a section in which you can gain some points. You can develope your english, make good relations with our members by sharing their opinions, adds to your credits, and much more. So every members are requested to come forward. Best wishes.

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    I do feel that the members are not showing much interest in Forum section. I am a person who has been with SPK from the very beginning (2009 end). In the early years more members were active in this section. Slowly it came down.Hundreds of questions are there without a single response. Thirty of my own questions have not been answered by anybody. May be the questions are from fields which are not connected with other members.

    I have a feeling, based on my experience of about five years in SPK, that very few are interested in serious topics. Science related topics are not even looked into. Cinema is liked by many, I felt sometimes. But now even that is out.
    As pointed out, reading the forum postings and commenting on them really help knowing various subjects on one side and improves one's language on the other.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Sir, You are correct. Science related topics are not at all discussing by the members. It will be better if the ask expert section is like India Study channel with various branches like Science and technology ,Health etc.
    With Best Regards,

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    It is sad as people had left forum for article section and it is making the forum to be blank and obsolete in nature. This will never help us. It is ideal that every section be very active by doing so, we are promoting the site. I hope the management will do something about this.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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