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    Scope of civil engineering in present stage.

    I am studying civil engineering in 'Mar Baselios Institute of Technology and Science', Ernakulam. So far i have found that it is simple and need less strain compared to other engineering field. But i am little bit concerned on my placements as scope of civil is decreasing and it also need great experience. Is it so ? Suggest some tips and ideas related to this. Thank you.
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    There are lot of scope for civil engineering in government, public sector and private department. Out side the kerala also lot of opportunities are there in the field of construction and design. Number of colleges with civil engineering is very less in Kerala. So the number of graduate also will be very less. So the demand is more. Many graduates with this degree is going abroad because of the attration of job and salary.
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    I think , Railway ,PWD etc like gov. and public sector field provid good oppertunities, in India. Multi national companies need skilled engineers. If you had M tech or ME also with you it is more good for job and salery

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    There are more than 80 colleges in Kerala which have civil engineering course and every year around 20 - 30 thousand students passout in this field. It is practically not possible to give each and every single students a good job. Competitions are increasing and companies choose the best among them only. Others have to think of doing some buisness and thereby risking their life. Rather than in Kerala, there are malayalee students who study outside Kerala and they may also suffer alot as they have to compete with others in there mother land. It will be very helpfull if more companies are introduced which will provide more job facilities. Hoping for the best.

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    You are going to be a civil engineering graduate. As is the case with most of the courses civil engg graduates are also having problems in placements. But relatively, as I understand, more demands are there for these traditional courses (like mechanical engg). In Kerala the construction boom is in its top. Government as well as people are after buildings, for general as well as private purposes. Roads, bridges, and other common facilities are also in demand.
    In all these there is a role for civil people. Higher studies, of course, are also possible. But it is for entering into academic fields or research. Only if you have a taste for that you need go for that.
    Getting a teaching post in a college is very difficult these days. Added to that is passing the 'NET' or its equivalent for Engg colleges.

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    Thank you T.M.Sankaran sir for your possitive responds. I came to know that there are works like earthquake managing, waste water treatment, study on different natural calamities and all in civil engineering other than constructions. Are they a demanding field?. Do anyone have some idea on this. Do respond.

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    What you wrote is correct. Civil engineers are required at other venues as well. I just mentioned about construction works, because it is more rampant here these days.
    Earth quake managing is to be thought in two ways. One is before starting any construction make sure that the particular area where it is constructed is not generally prone to earth quakes. If there is a chance it should be taken into account while designing the structure. That is one thing. The other thing is how to handle after earth quake calamity has happened.
    Waste management is a major area which has become very important these days. Ever town or city face the problem of solid and liquid waste and its management.Many methods are there that are followed. Windrow composting, composting using earth worms, or any other suitable method are employed by them In all these the assistance of Civil Engineer is needed. It will be ideal if he has a training in environmental engineering.

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    Where exactly is this Mar Baselios Institute of Science and Technology situated?
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    'Mar Baselios Institute of Technology
    and Science' (MBITS) is situated in Kothamangalam, Ernakulam. It is a private college which is under the Cheriya pally of Kothamangalam. There are many institutions under Cheriya pally, they include the aided engineering college - MA college, Mar Baselios dental college, Mar Basil school, Mar Baselios Medical Mission Hospital and much more. MBITS is one of the emerging new colleges in Kerala.

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