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    Best reading method.

    Nowadays influence of the internet conquered the world of reading. In olden days for knowing a news or information we have to read news paper and books. Even getting the result of exams like SSLC we have to wait up to evening news paper or next day's news paper. Now through internet before the declaration of the result by educational minister immediately we are getting the result. It influenced in the world of book reading. For getting an information about a topic or to read we depended the library. They issued it for two or three weeks and after that we have to return it. But nowadays soft copies are available in net or we can download it. For the purchase also lot of online purchase facility is there. with in 4-5 working days it is reaching in our doorstep. But in olden days for purchasing we have to depend on a bookstall or a book fair.
    Dear members please share your habit of reading and purchasing of a book. whether you are depending on an internet or a hard copy? How much it influenced your reading habit? which method you will adopt for purchasing a book? Dicuss.
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    We have to change when the world around us also changes. I prefer reading anything through internet. It can be news, novels, short stories, science based informations, all these can be accessed within seconds. Every one could rapidly develope their General knoledge, skills, creativity and all. We could even apply for jobs or work for some sites. The online facilities have changed people's way of life and have made the world grow faster. We can also be in touch with our close people through social networkings and can even call our relative who lives in distant places instantly for free. The way we read and grasp informations does not matter but we have to choose the best among them which will be more benificial and less time consuming too. Grow along with the development in technology and have good reading ability. Best wishes.

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    I like reading books in its print form. May be I am old enough to look into the screen of computer (lap top)for so many hours. When it is in the print form I can take it any where I go, even when travelling. Presently I am reading a book ('Learning for Life' by K.T.Margaret). I am at present working as the President of a Service Cooperative Bank and I go tho the the Bank almost every morning. At the same time I have very little work there (only to sanction some loans or sign the cheques, etc.)hence lot of time I get there. Naturally the book helps me tiding over the time till noon. After noon I don;t go there unless there is the Board meeting.
    ore over unless it is a hard copy it is difficult to use it as a reference tool. I, myself being a writer, need references always.In short I cannot think of the days without books.

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