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    Another Republic Day of the Nation is here

    Today 26th January is the Republic Day of Our Nation. We became an independent Nation on 15th August 1947. But it became a full fledged Republic only on 26th January 1950. It was after a Constitution was framed for the country.

    Prior to that a Governor General was the head of our nation. First Governor General was a British man (Lord Mount Batten) and the next man was none other than Sri. Rajagopalachari, a South Indian. Later Rajagoplachari was the man who gave birth to a Political party at the national level,'Swathantra Party'. After his death the party also vanished.
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    It is a great day to remember all the brave people who fought for our freedom. They are the true heroes and are responsible for all the freedom which we enjoy now. As an Indian, i feel proud and will always respect all those heroes till the end. This post is very useful as everyone could recapture the history behind our country being Republic.

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