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    Trees are chopped in faster rate - Imbalance in ecosystem

    Trees are the most important living organism in the earth inorder to maintain the ecosystem. More than that, humans are depended on plants for oxygen and reduction of carbon dioxide. Thus maintaining a pleasant climate. But these tress are cut down in large amount daily and thus causing many problems like global warming, soil erosion, etc.

    I have noticed that a minimum of 20 heavy vehicles with full of timber which may be cut from the nearby forests are transported during midnight. It is very simple to cut down the existing tress but is difficult to produce one tree. Will they replace the cut trees by planting new plants ?. Do these people have approval from head to cut them. It is true that trees are very essential for making furnitures and all but i don't think this much is needed. This is over exploitation of timber which will really affect us in the long run. What do you think about this ?. Do respond to this.
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    These days most of the people are not worried about future.They just want to live today with maximum worldly pleasures. They believe that everything in the nature is meant for human species. They actually forget that humans are just one of crores of animal and plant species on earth. They have no special rights. Moreover, this earth is not their right, their children and their children and so on, all the future generations are to live here.So every human being must bear in their mind that it is well maintained and is handed over to the next generation in a better shape.
    Trees are providing us the atmosphere to live here. They take in the carbon dioxide produced by us and give back the much required oxygen. More over they help retain water inside the earth. Like that there are several advantages and usefulness for trees.

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    Those who cut trees forget that those trees are not grown by them. It takes years together for a tree to attain its real height. But one cuts it within a few hours. He never thinks that he cannot replace it immediately.
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    Its true that people are careless and are running behind money for improving their lives. But this will intern cause a great disaster and imbalance in ecosystems. It is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to save our planet by keeping it green and eco-friendly.

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    Yes, i am agreeing with the above facts. Today the people does not really care anything about the ecosystem.Today the world is relied to technologies. We would go down cutting and cutting trees till the end which is near. These deeds of humans are creating an ecological imbalance. We should try to understand the value off trees and their cumbersome uses among humans. But today the forests are being cleared either for agriculture or for setting up industries. This has indeed a bad effect on nature. So we should all try to solve this problem. We should prevent the cutting down of trees and enable others to plant trees for the future generations. By cutting trees we are really bringing about damage to the future. The trees are vital for our sustainance. We should keep in mind that when we are cutting trees, we are not only creating ecological imbalance but we are cutting away our lives away from us. Thus stop cutting trees and aim for a better future.......
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