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    Our shopping trend and the economy of our villages.

    We have shops these days where we can go and select whatever product we want to buy. Earlier it was not like this. We prepare a list of articles from our house and go to the shop. This list will be handed over to the shop keeper, who takes them and after packing hand over to us. We make the payment, then.
    Now we are selecting the articles from the shop, there may not be any sales girl or boy to help us. The selection will definitely based on our knowledge of the brand name of the article. This name would have been registered in our mind because of its advertisements appeared in TV or such media. That means only the products of 'big guys' (corporate companies) will be chosen by us because they only can afford the large scale advertising campaign. This naturally sidelines the small scale producers as well as the local producers. Net result is we are forcing our own people to close down their production units, which adversely affects the economy of our villages.
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    This is the reality my friend but the government should do something about this. The people also should learn to partronize the locals in the things they buy so that the village economy will not collapse.
    I want to sincerely advocate that the government of kerala should bring up programme or subsidy to help the locals grow in their business ventures. We all need the locals based on the fresh products one can get from the villages better than those that have been preserved in cans with all sort of chemicals.

    Adesola Adeyeye

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    It is true that the people in Kerala are wasting most of their money simply by shopping things that they may not even use once. It is just for doing showoff in front of others. People used to buy only the branded items like Puma, Adidas, Nike etc. for dress, sports items and all. Samsung, Nokia, Sony, etc. for mobiles. But on the other had such costly items are very good if bought for our use because these branded items have high quality and long life. But they are waste for people having low income and showing off that they are also better than others. So think twice before you buy things.

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    This is a nice thread. I am also agreeing with the opinion of my friends. Nowadays the number of shopping centers and supermarkets are increasing in kerala. Like sankaran sir told there was a time for keralite for purchasing material by preparing the list of required things. I am remembering that when I was in a village of north kerala in my childhood at the time of Onam or Vishu only we were preapred the long list for purchasing from town. Most of the vegetables will be available in our land itself. except tomato and onion. That also we used purchase from the nearby shops of our village. Frankly saying meal maker( soyabean), Paneer,oats,noodles etc are unknown to me before changing my residance to town after my education. But nowadays in village also meal maker and paneer are a regular item in their food. They also started to purchase from supermarkets and shopping centers. In olden days we balanced our monthly budjet with minimum amount. Now I started to depends upon the self shopping through shopping centers. So without any control budget increasing. In village also people are not depending upon the small shops and vegetable markets. They also started to choose it from supermarkets. By watching TV children are also like to eat the noodles and pastha. So parents are also forced to go to supermarkets.
    With Best Regards,

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    Hi Friends
    Good evening...!
    We are in a better world than in those days. Today, we are getting several products and services in the market as per the individual choices which we can't even dream ten years before. Thanks to the liberalization and globalization policies of the Govt.
    It is not correct that small scale and local producers are marginalized if MNCs are allowed in the retail sector. They will get better margin with MNCs.By allowing FDI in retail; we can eliminate the middlemen and local goons. By this way local products can find market internationally.
    Think laterally. Think big.
    Happy days ahead !

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    There are more than 20% of our population who cannot imagine entering these new shops, unless they do some works of their own and earn something. There is another twenty percent who can afford these once in a while. Only the top 15% are guaranteed of all facilities. Even the so called middle class cannot very often adjust with their income.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Here is the point.
    You mean to say that more than 20% of our population are poor and they are unable to visit these shops. These 20% people, for how long they remain poor? The so called intellectuals in Kerala, sometimes we call them as, self-styled protector of poor, want these 20% people remain poor generations and generations so that their positions will be safe always. They will not allow them to come out of their poor status.
    Government should formulate programmes and policies to provide them earning opportunities not subsidies, so that they can come out and lead a decent life.


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    Rich will become richer and poor will become poorer. That's the life in Kerala. If the above mentioned 20 % of people would have become capable of taking care of themselves them there won't be any beggars in this 21st century. But most of the percent of people in Kerala are middle class and cannot afford such luxurious life.

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