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    Why so many Airports in Kerala?

    Why so many Airports in Kerala?

    Kannur International Airport work started, which will cater to people in Kasargode,Kannur,Wynad districts.
    Calicut,Malapuram and Palaghat will be covered by Calicut Airport.Kochi Airport will cover entire Thrissur,Ernakulam,Idukki,Pathanamthita districts.Rest will be covered by Thiruvanathapuram.
    Domestic air travel also not affordable for majority of Keralites.
    Then, why so much hue and cry for Aranmula Airport? Who will benefit by this facility?
    I am not against building Airports and not an environmentalist to protest. Instead of spending so much money for it better, all other airports to be upgraded and to be made more users friendly.
    I invite comments from all of you in this subject
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    It is very essential for the people in Kerala to have this much airport facilities as it will take double time to reach everyones house after landing. So this much of airports will make traveling more faster and easier. Modification should also be made for all the airports so as to improve and make traveling easier.

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    Dear Friend
    Building Airports will not heed the woes of the people. As population increasing road usage is increasing. Two wheeler/4 wheeler growth is more than 20% .Every month more than 20000 vehicles are adding to the roads. Existing roads are not able to carry these loads.
    Roads are to be widened. Measures are to be taken to reduce traffic conjestion.Overbridges are to be completed in time bound frame.Mono rail, high speed trains are to be introduced. Metro to extend from Thiruvanathpuram to Kasargod. Mass transit system can solve our problems.
    My house is 40 km from Kochi Airport and I am taking more than 2 hours to reach, where as 40 km is only 15mts drive as per the international standard.

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    In Kerala development projects are decided not by looking the needs of common man. Also it will not care for the destruction of nature and environment. Out of the 3.3 crores of people how many use airways for their journey. May be only tens of thousands. The distance between Trivandrum and Cochin is slightly more than 200 km. If there is good road facility, within one hour one can reach the air port at TVM or Cochin.

    This Aranmula air port is being planned at a land raised from wet land/paddy fields. Legally it is not permitted to covert such lands for other purposes since it is environmentally not justified.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Well said.

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    I am not saying to built so much of airports all around Kerala but minimum of 3 airports are must. This will include Kannur international airport too. This will help all the people in Kerala to travel easily. On the other hand, we must also make sure that they won't harm the environment and create problems for the well being of people.

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