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    Acid rain and its effects - How to control it ?

    Acid rain is one among the environmental issues which cause serious after effects. Normal rain water has a PH of 5.6 due to the dissolution of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but in highly industrialized areas the rain water has a PH of 4.2. The presence of this excess of acids in rain water is known as acid rains. Its formation is mainly because of the deposition of Sulphur, Nitrogen, and other oxidized products in the atmosphere. These gases are stable in water and falls down with rain water.

    Effects of acid rain :

    1) It causes damage to the buildings made of marbles and limestone. Example is " pitting in Taj mahal"
    2) It causes corrosion to exposed metal parts. Example is Qutab minar.
    3) It causes irritation to eyes.
    4) Acidification of soil and damage vegetation.
    5) Acidification of water bodies and damage aquatic life.
    6) Acidification of drinking water cause neurological and abdomenal disorders.

    These are to be reduced as it willseriously affect the entire world. So suggest some measures to reduce acid rain.
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    Acid rain is another cost we are forced to pay for our action of polluting the environment. It is in fact the natural rain itself but for the higher level of acidity present in the rain water. It was in 1974 (April, 10) that a noticeable acid rain fell in the city Pitlochry of Scotland. The acidity content in that rain water was a record. It contained about 100 times acidity than in the ordinary rain drops. It was almost like lemon juice or the vinegar.
    It used to rain acid rain in several parts of Europe and America, but not to this level as in Scotland. If continuous acid rain falls in a place it is likely that the buildings there will get damaged, fertility of soil will get affected badly, water may get polluted and which will adversely affect the fish population there.
    Acid rain is the resultant of gases with acidity properties being produced from industries, vehicles, houses, thermal plants, etc. and let out into the atmosphere. Because of wind this gets spread to every part, which implies that acid rain can be expected everywhere. The same has been reported at Arctic regions also because of this.
    When sulphur burns in the air it produces sulphur dioxide. This gets mixed up with the oxygen in the atmosphere and becomes sulphur trioxide. Again the water vapour in the atmosphere gets mixed up with this sulphur trioxide to make sulfuric acid. This acid spreads in the atmosphere as aerosols and comes down with the rain water, making it acid rain. There can also be acid rain due to nitric acid formed in a similar manner.

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    Acid rain is an after effect of air pollution. We know that today we are living in a world of a large amount of air pollution. This air pollution is mainly because of industries and automobiles. They emit out a large amount of toxic elements such as sulphur. This causes an increase in he amount of toxic gases in the atmosphere. When precipitation occurs in these areas, this rain mixes with these toxic gases and falls down as acid rain.
    This acid rain has many defects on us. It can cause corrosion. Also this acid rain is also harmful for the nature. If these acid rain water reaches water sources it can lead to the death of marine animals. If humans drink these acidic water it is harmful for them too.
    So the acid rain is a very large threat out to our planet. We should try to eradicate it out from the world. For this we should be able to control the air pollution. The smoke from the industries should be treated and the harmful substances should be removed before releasing it to the atmosphere. Reduce the usage of automobiles. Use nature friendly products. All this helps to reduce air pollution and in turn acid rain.

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