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    Habit of reading periodicals of one's mother tongue.

    In most of the languages several periodicals are published regularly. It may be a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. How many of us find time to go through them? If so will they be periodicals in one's mother tongue or others, or both.
    Actually, these periodicals are always useful. It takes us to different subjects and knowledge data. Sometimes there may be wrong information there, still it helps us to know that such a thing exists.
    I am used to read half a dozen or more such publications. I just skip through an equal or more number of these types of periodicals. I find it very useful.
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    Yes it is a nice thread. I am also a regular reader of some periodical like Mathrubhoomi, Indiatody and Vanitha in malayalam. Now I am staying in chennai. In starting it was very difficult for for me to get such publication through news paper boy. But now I suscribed it through respective site. Not only that my husband suscribed some periodical like Kurukshethra, Yojana, Pratiyogita Darpan and environmental magazines like nature and Down to earth. I am not a regular reader of that except Pratiyogita Darpan. Some articles publishing in Kurukshethra and Yojana and in the environmental magazines helps us to know about the new schemes and projects of the Government. In my childhood I am remembering that my father used to purchase the periodical like Kerala Sabdham, Karshakasree and The Week. But I think the influence of TV and news channels and became the reason for cutting the magazines from his reading list.The week magazine stopped its hard copies. Online reading reduced the rate of reading through the hard copies. Magazines like Frontline,Economic and political weeklies can read in online.
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    It is very useful as it will make us aware about different new events and will increase our reading ability. At present, children finds less time for reading. This is a bad mark and reading habit should be developed from childhood onwards. This is the responsibility of parents to make their children read useful books. Children are now bound in a cage of education. I am not against education as it is essential for betterment of our life. But there are much more to know and think of which we cannot find in text books. Travel beyond that and it will definitely help students in their long run. But more than malayalam, english is a must for communication. So try to read both of them. Best wishes.

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