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    'Green house effect' or 'Global warming' - Cause and prevention.

    The heat radiation from the sun keeps the earth's surface and the atmosphere warm. The major portion of IR radiation is absorbed by the surface of the earth. A small portion is absorbed by certain gases in atmosphere like CO2, CH4, O3, CFC, water vapours etc. and other reflected back to space. This warming is similar to the retaining of heat energy in a green house and is therefore known as 'Green House Effect'.

    It is rising in a steady manner and are mainly because of the human activities. It rise can cause serious harm and may even end the life in earth. Suggest some measures that we should follow and thus to save our earth.
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    Global warming is the phenomenon of increase of temperature of the earth. There are lot of reasons behind the increment of temperature like what Cijo told. Means the increase in the concentration of such gases causes the over all temperature of the earth to increase by absorbing the IR radiation. To reduse or prevent such effect it is necessary to reduce the formation of such gases in the atmosphere by humane activities.

    Some years before I read an article. In that they described that the increase in temperature causes the polar ice to melt. when ice becomes melted the colour of the mountain becomes grey or dark brown. This colour of the mountain again enhances the absorption heat.

    Mr. Cijo, for your information have you read an article that published in the February 22 nd THE HINDU news paper. In the Section WORLD VIEW There is an article titled as "Myth of settled science" about global warming. In that author Charles Krauthammer telling that there is no such phenomena like global warming and he is giving some explanation about that.If possible you read that and give your opinion about that.

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    Now our Eath get burned faster . polar ice melt down by this global warming and sea level is rising. Uncontroled number of vehicles and emission of co2, co and cfc 's cover the atmospher like an umberla so that heat from sun get absorbed by this gases and not reflected back to space.

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    It was reported on 9 May 2013 that the atmosphere above Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano reached for the first time the daily mean carbon dioxide concentration at 400 parts per million, since it started recording there in 1958. The observatory at Mauna is World's oldest continuous monitoring station of carbon dioxide.
    Alaska, Canada and several other Arctic locations had surpassed this 400 ppm level during the spring in 2012. It is estimated that certain parts of the Southern Hemisphere might top 400 ppm within the next few years. Scientists of National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration believe that by 2016 global average concentrations of the green house gas would hit 400 ppm.

    Earlier reports states that the Earth's global carbon dioxide concentration was so high during Pliocene epoch of 5.3 million to 2.6 million years ago, when summers in the Arctic were 8 degree Celsius warmer than they are today. The level of carbon dioxide has been rising sharply with the increase in fossil-fuel burning since the Industrial Revolution. During that period the global average was 280 ppm.

    The concentration of carbon dioxide has been rising in accelerated speed during the recent decades. For example in the late 1950s it increased about 0.7 ppm per year. In the last decade the rate became 280 ppm per year.

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    I read about the "Myth of
    settled science" on Global Warming. But i am not that much convinced about it. He says that climatic changes is a fact. But it was proved by many other scientist as there has to be some cause for the increase in green house gases.

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