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    Air pollution and its causes - How can it be prevented ?

    Air pollution is the excessive discharge or addition of undesirable or unwanted substances into the air which may badly affect the natural qualities of environment causing serious damage to the plants, animals and human life.

    The causes of air pollution are as follows:
    1) Gases : It includes mainly 'oxides of carbon, nitrogen etc.
    2) Particulates : These are small solid particles or tiny liquid droplets that are suspended in air which may cause respiratory disorders and all.
    3) Automobiles : Harmful gases are liberated.
    4) Deforestation : Reduces the oxygen content and rate of carbon dioxide increases.

    All these are the reason for increasing air pollution and it is to be reduced. Suggest some measures to control this increase.
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    Air pollution is a menace we are facing, especially this is more in cities. Thick population and and increased vehicles movement, different construction works, smoke emission from industries, etc. are adding to pollution of air. Actually it is the man made issues that are creating problems. Because of these pollution and rising temperature the rich goes for the use of air conditioners which again add to air pollution. The removal of trees to widen the roads or for constructing buildings are also harmful to air in the area.
    Actually there is an Act [The Air(Prevention and Control of Pollution)Act of 1981] which gives powers to the concerned authorities to take actions against the parties who cause the problem. The Act is based on the decision taken at the Stockholm Summit of World Nations in 1972 under the initiative of UN.

    Under the Act all industries operating within designated pollution control areas must obtain a 'consent' from the State board.

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    Air pollution is one of the major problems faced by the world today. Today an increase in technology has contributed to an increase in air pollution.
    It is caused when harmful substances are dissolved in the air. A decrease in the level of oxygen in the atmosphere also contributes to this.
    As i have said before the technology hosts the main responsibility for this increased air pollution. Today the automobiles and industries emits out a large amount of toxic substances to the atmosphere which results in air pollution. The rate of carbon dioxide increases due to this. At the same time due to the cutting down of trees the oxygen level also goes down. These high air pollution leads to several calamities such as acid rain.
    Thus it is necessary to put an end to this air pollution. Today, the technology itself is searching for this. Several eco-friendly automobiles have been developed throughout the world. Also today the factories treats their waste before releasing it. Thus if we take several measures such as reducing afforestation we could be able to solve the problem of air pollution.
    Thus we should create a helping attitude towards our mother earth by puting down an end to air pollution.


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