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    Right to Education Act.Deteriorating quality.

    Education Policy.
    Free and compulsory education for all children in the age group of 6 to 14 is made fundamental right in the Rights to Education Act.(RTE).It prohibits physical punishment and mental harassment to the children, screening procedures for admissions, capitation fee, private tuition by teachers, running of schools without recognition etc. etc.
    Everything looks nice.
    But, reality is a class 5 student can't read the phrases meant for class 3, according to the survey of annual status of education report for 2013.Children coming out from class 10 are functionally illiterates. This Act imposes no penalty on teachers who do not teach, or no penalty on states that do not provide schools. Children can go to court if teachers are not teaching or not attending classes under this Act. But what is the use? All courts in India are clogged. No respite for children. The situation in the higher education also alarming. I graduated my engineering more than fifteen years ago and I am working with an MNC in the Middle East since then. While recruiting Engineers in managerial cadre in our organization I am really feeling this deterioration of quality in Education.
    My point is enacting the new RTE Act, quality is deteriorating further. Right without accountability is no use.
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    Dear Neeraj,
    RTE cannot deteriorate the education standard. As far as Kerala is concerned this clause of RTE is in force, in effect, years back. Our State has come a long way in literacy and education compared with other States. In rural areas most of the parents send their children to school, ever since they started going for job.
    Deterioration of education is mainly because of the uncontrolled starting of schools under the private (unaided) sector. If you make a survey you can see that the teachers in such schools are not qualified to teach. They get only very small pay packets, which also take away their sincerity.

    In Govt. schools though the teachers are getting somewhat a good salary the teachers are very often irresponsible. For them the salary is guaranteed whether they do their job or not. Of course, there exceptions and which could be seen from the performances of the schools.

    Gold Member, SPK

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