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    Pravasi (expatriate) Indians need voting in election

    Any election in India, expatriates need voting facility in abroad. It can be through online system or help of embassies.
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    Dear Abdul Rasheed,
    Welcome to this discussion forum.
    I also, feel strongly that expat representatives should be there in the LokSabha/state assemblies.
    I am not seeing any political will to implement it.

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    You are correct. No politician will supports in this matter. But they need income from expatriates.

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    Remittances exceeded 75000 Cr last year.CM commented NRI's not only fetch money but also share their ideas and inspire the state to think in a world class manner.

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    I also support in having voting facilities for Pravasi Indians as it is practically not possible to submit their votes by coming to their home town. About 20 - 30 % of the total voters in the list are unable to vote as they are working abroad.

    But the main problem is that, if the voting systems are computerized then possibilities are high of hacking the computer applications. High quality software or site have to be developed as it is not that hard to hack any site in this technically developed era.

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