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    Solar cells (photo voltaic cells) - are they useful ?

    Solar cells are devices which convert energy of sunlight directly into electrical energy by photo electric effect. Assemblies of cells are used to make solar panels. Solar cells contain sandwiched combination of n-type and p-type semiconductors. Solar cells usually have a sheet of glass in the front allowing the sunlight to pass through while protecting the semiconductoring material from the impact of rain, wind, abrassion etc.


    1) For power production in artificial satellites and space vehicles.
    2) Used in watches, calculators, solar water heater, solar cookers, etc.
    3) For street lighting.
    4) For power production in light house and offshore rigs and refineries.

    Is production of electricity more useful and economical by solar cells than other methods. Why the use of devices and other electronic equipments not that much used in Kerala. Will it be practically useful if every house implements solar panels for their daily power requirements ? Do respond.
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    Solar cells are one of the wanderful creation of human.
    It saves more than 20 % of our power needs.
    But solar cell is not much usefull, its not efficiant. Power produced by the cell is lost when it stored on battery and only with suitable frequency of sun light the cell works, at night and low light time its dont works.
    New effective modifications should be done.

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    Solar cells can be used to help our energy needs.Since it is regenerating source of energy, there will be need of an initial cost only.This helps to save energy....

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    The solar cells can be really considered as a great gift from the technology. We know that sunlight is a renewable resource and it does not get depleted. Thus extracting energy from them is really amazing and it has much and more benefits in the modern world. Solar cells are more ecofriendly and they causes very least damage to the nature. Today the fossil fuels which are considered as the main source of energy releases out a large amount of pollutants while they are burnt. But this is not the case with solar energy. Today cars which are run on solar energy has been developed in many parts of the world. Today the fossil fuels such as petroleum are extinguishing from the world. If the same rate of use continues, it is said that it would only last for 50 more years. Here the solar cells and solar energy provides hopes to us people. In the future these may be the main source of energy available in earth. Thus we should enable the using of these solar or photo voltaic cells and together we can build up a better future.....


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    Really solar cells has many advantages. One of its main advantage is its non polluting character and has a lot more advantage in areas which recieves sunlight for a large portion of the year. Also the energy produced in a solar cell can be used directly .But in our state i think solar power is not so effective because:- *The first thing is that solar cells are not powerful. *Second,in our state the climate is not stable and we recieve sunlight only for a short period of time in an year. * Third,to produce a considerable amount of energy for a single household it requires a lot of space. Solar energy is effective in northern states like Rajasthan and Gujarat.

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