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    Switch off to save planet on 29, March

    March 29  2014.   switch off to save planet      
                                   It is most relevant  in our state which is anticipating severe energy crisis in the coming months in view of the expected drought.      Switch off all non essential lights for one hour from 8.30 pm. It is our aim to create awareness about global warming and climate change.
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    This is a good one and if everyone can practice it, there will be energy preservation. It is very ideal for the people to minimize wastage of energy resources.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Sure. We have to think about this and practice to save energy.....

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    It is a great work in order to create awareness for people about the energy crisis which we are facing these days. It will be worse than ever if we don't take any measures from now onwards. If we take the case of any houses in Kerala, people are simply wasting lots and lots of energy everyday. So we should take care of our area if any electrical equipments are kept on and thus wasting money as well as energy produced.

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    Switching off light to create awareness about global warming and climate change is ok. Here main issue is Energy crisis in our state.

    Every year we are hearing the same story of energy crisis in Kerala. What is the action plan of KSEB to mitigate this crisis? Consumer and the general public have every right to know the details of the plan of action of the KSEB.The Government must come forward with a 'White Paper' on the electricity scenario including the activities of KSEB.Details of new projects, if and when they are proposed, must be subjected to thorough public scrutiny before they are finalized.

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