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    What is corrosion and how can it be controlled ?

    Most of the metals are present in nature as combined state such as oxides, sulphate, sulphide, carbonate, halide, etc. These are minerals. The minerals from which metals are extracted profitably are called ore. Metals are extracted from their ore by a number of metallurgical operations which require energy. Therefore the extracted metals have a natural tenancy to go back to the combined state.

    Corrosion is the destruction or decay of metals or any change in their property by the chemical or electro-chemical reaction with the environment. Environment may include soil, water, gases, acids, etc.
    Corrosion is a major issue and there are many different methods to reduce it like: alloying, painting and many more. Do respond on how we can control this corrosion.
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    Corrosion of metals can be prevented by sacrificial protection, in which another (more reactive) metal is reacts with (is oxidised). This prevents the other metal from reacting and becoming brittle.
    (This is often used on the metal work of ships, Zinc blocks react with oxygen in water, preventing the steel or iron from rusting.)

    Another form of protection from corrosion is a polymer coatings, where a physical barrier of a plastic is formed between the oxygen and the metal, so the two cannot react.

    other protection:
    - paint coating
    - metal alloys which contain more reactive metals, for example: stainless steal contains chromium and nickel. this is also sacrificial protection. As a the other metals react in preference to the iron in the steel.
    I hope i contributed

    Sheena Bajaj

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    Corrosion is the slow distruction of metal by the atack of atmospheric gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, etc. and other agents by chemical or electro-chemical process. Corrosion may be 'dry corrosion' and 'wet corrosion'. Different methods for preventing corrosion are: electro plating, electroless plating, coating methods like anodic coating and cathodic coating, etc.

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    Corrosion is already explained above ....and for prevention..
    - Applying Red oxide....
    - Painting helps...
    - Coating...
    - Plating...etc

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    When the metals get attacked by things such as moisture and acids it is said to corrode. Corrosion takes place in many ways in many metals. Rusting of iron is one of the many examples for corrosion.

    Corrosion can be prevented in a large number of ways...

    * Applying paint or oil which cuts contact between the metal and the moisture.

    * Galvanizing the metals.

    * Alloying the metals with other substances.

    These are some of the many methods by which corrosion can be prevented.

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