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    SMOG - an environmental issue and controls

    SMOGs are complex material that are colloidal in nature. The suspended particles in smog consist of both solids and liquids. There are two types of smog :

    1) Photo-chemical Smog

    It consist of CO, NO, O3, and peroxiacetyl nitrate (PAN). It is also known as an"Los-Angel Smog" as it is first found out there. It is oxidising in nature and is formed by the Photo-chemical cleavage of NO2 into NO2 and oxygen free radical. It is also formed from hydrocarbons which comes out as automobile exhaust. It is mainly seen during summer season when the intensity of sunlight is at its peak.

    2) Classical Smog

    It is the combination of smog, fog, and SO2. It is also known as "London Smog". It is reducing in nature and are preferably formed in low temperature during winter season. It is formed by the combination of fuels in industries and vehicles. It causes irritation to eyes and throat infection.

    Smog being an environmental issue has many after effects and controls. Respond to some of the important measures that can be taken to control the smog.
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    Smog is a combination of smoke and fog. We the people living near Eloor (the industrial hub of Kerala) experience this during certain season. Travancore Cochin Chemicals (TCC), Fertilizers and Chemicals,Travancore Ltd (FACT), IAC and other Chemical related industries are working there, which create this Smog. If one passes through Kalamassery in the morning time this could be witnessed during the season.
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