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    Happy mother's day to all mothers

    Dear members, it is ideal for every member to real appreciate our mothers as the world celebrate mother's day. I am really blessed with a very good and viable mother who struggled to see to my growth academically, spiritually, economically, physically e.t.c.
    So, members lets appreciate our mothers by sending them a goodwill message.
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    Happy Mothers Day.

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    Happy mothers day to every member of this site especially the females on this site.It seems as if only two of the members (myself and Neeraj) loved our mothers. Others why?
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    'Mother' is the symbol of LOVE as far as any child is concerned. It was during last year (2013 July) my mother left us. She was 91 years old. During the last couple of years she was suffering from dementia.
    On the last day we (three of her sons) were just standing in front of her who could not concentrate her eyes on any thing. Our family also were with us. My younger brother told her when she stared at us," Mother, all your children are here in front of you". She just moved her stare against our faces, and we saw her eyes becoming wet. I then told her pointing to my grand daughter, who is a five year girl,"Ammu is here, mother". She just looked at her and a smile came on her lips. Then slowly her attention lost and was staring and showing difficulties in breathing. Immediately we understood that her end is near.
    Within a couple of hours she had her last breath.
    Thus my mother left this world for ever. The throne of love was removed for ever. Now every year when the mothers' day come this last day of my mother will pass through my mind as a movie.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Mothers are great being created and they have the mind of God in the life of their children. My mother is the greatest of all in this world.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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