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    Food items which Builds and maintains our body

    As we know today people are not bothered about the food which they eat.They are used to unhealthy food we can go back to time and see what people used to eat to improve health and build themself

    Red wine - Purifies blood
    Decreases the blood preasure
    Good for skin and gives color to skin
    Good for digestion
    the amount of oxygen in our blood will increase

    orange- Improves skin color
    improves your immunity
    good for your eyes
    Improves the quality of your sperm

    share your knowledge about healthy food
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    Drinking 4 liters of water a day is good for health.
    Drinking lot of water is good for our hair,it will give long shining hair
    Drink water prevents from kidney damages and will aslo help to remove waste from our body through sweat and urine,Thus keeps the body and skin clean.

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    This is a good thread as it tends to educate the members about the importance of eating quality and good food. I will like to encourage you to produce this as an article and post it in the article section.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    Ya I will surely do. i will collect information as much as I can and I will write an article on it.

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    This is a useful thread. Others also can contribute. But now a days the major problem is we cannot buy vegetables or fruits from the markets. Most of these items contain some poison or other. Vegetables are grown very often using certain pesticide or manure which are highly toxin contained. Fruits are also having the same problem.

    As advised by the Scientists of Kerala Agricultural University, we used to keep the vegetables bought from market in water with a small amount of common salt mixed. They say a 2 percent of common salt- ie, twenty gram salt for one kg of vegetable - may be dissolved in water first and keep the vegetables immersed in it for about half an hour. This will almost take care ofv the poison part on the vegetables.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Today people doesn't take care of their health. Everyone are running behind money and status. In this run people forgets to maintain their body as only a perfect healthy man could give his best in field. There are lots and lots of useful food items which will reduce our stress towards life. Food which include carbohydrates and proteins are important for body building.

    Along with all such quality diet, exercise is also a must. Playing games, swimming, having morning walk, etc. all these are also equally beneficial. So consume healthy food and maintain a well built body.

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