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    Vermi composting - a useful method for waste disposal.

    Composting is the biological process during which naturally occurring insects, snails, earthworms, microbes, etc. breakdown the organic matter present in the waste into a soil like fertilizers known as Compost.

    Vermi-composting is a method in which earthworms decompose organic waste into a nutrient rich fertilizers having an earth like smell. It is done in specially designed concrete pits were earthworm culture is done.

    1) The Compost is rich with micro and macro nutrients.
    2) It is an odourless process.
    3) Rate of plant growth is high.
    4) Reduce alkaline presence in soil.
    5) Rate of conversion is high.
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    This is a very good method of composting. Using biological method there will be no side effects and hazards. So all people should follow this kind of method.

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    It is true that vermi composting is a technique widely recommended and used for waste management in homes. In applying this method one has to be careful about the variety of vermi used. All types of these worms are not so productive. It is suggested that the African Nightcrawlers (Eudrilus eugeniae) is a better type.
    Many of the types seen in our soil are not seen to be efficient in composting. They prefer the ordinary soil as their food, such that they keep away from the waste. This African type prefer the vegetable/kitchen waste. There are other species also which are used for virmi composting.
    This method can be used as a waste management technique provided you can make use of the compost for growing vegetables.
    If no kitchen garden in your compound or in the neighbourhood the compost becomes useless.

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    It is now seen that the number of earthworms in soil is very low due to pollution and chemicals added. This will further affect the fertility of soil by reducing humus content and growth of crops.

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    Oh yes it's a good method for waste degradation

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