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    Glass Reinforced Plastics and its uses .

    Glass Reinforced Plastics are the composite materials in which plastics act as the matrix phase and glass fibre act as dispersed phase. The glass fibre increase the strength, hardness, and modulus of elasticity of the plastic. The non-flamability, low cost and corrosion resistance of glass fibre make it a good reinforcing material. GRP has low density, high tensile strength, good surface finish, high resistance to corrosion, etc.

    1) It is used in automobile body panel.
    2) It is used to make pipes, storage tanks, helmet, speed boats, etc.
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    But waste material disposal is a problem facing plastics. All people should have an awareness about recycling of plastics.

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    Glass reinforced plastic is also known as Fiberglass. It is used for aircraft, boat making, and for similar other purposes. It is a lightweight, extremely strong, and robust material. Strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fibre. Stiffness is less also it is far less brittle.
    An added advantage is that the raw materials are much less expensive. Compared to metal,its bulk strength and weight properties are very favorable. Molding processes can easily be used for manufacturing.

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    We simply called us FRP(Fiber reinforced Plastics).we use FRP instead of steels because less weight , high strength.low cost

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